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Precision in Sound: Exploring the Impact of Directional Loudspeaker
In the captivating world of audio technology, a star has risen – the directional loudspeaker. This innovative device is rewriting the rules of audio projection, offering a level of control and precis...
Unveiling the Power of Sound: The Fascinating World of Loud Ultrasonic Speakers
In a realm where sound meets technology, a captivating innovation has emerged - the loud ultrasonic speaker. This cutting-edge device is pushing the boundaries of audio technology, enabling sound to t...
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How Are Directional Speakers Installed?
Directional speakers offer a unique audio experience by projecting sound in a specific direction, allowing for focused and controlled sound projection. Whether you're setting up a home theater sys...
Using Ultrasonic Directional Speakers in an Academic Library
Academic libraries have long been associated with silence and solitude, where students quietly study and librarians patrol the aisles, shushing anyone who dares to disturb the peace. However, this tra...
How to Apply Sonic Beam Speakers in Digital Signage?
In the world of digital signage, it's crucial to create captivating and engaging presentations that grab the attention of passersby. While video content plays a significant role in capturing the a...
Ultrasonic Directional Speakers at the Exhibition
Enhancing the Exhibition Experience with Ultrasonic Directional SpeakersExhibitions are captivating spaces where art, culture, and knowledge converge. They offer a unique opportunity for visitors to i...
Directional Audio Speaker Delivers Private Sound Beams for Bank Kiosks
As banks strive to meet the evolving needs of their customers, the Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) has embarked on a mission to offer cutting-edge banking technologies and expand its services across th...
Application of Sonic Beam Speakers in Airports
Airports are bustling hubs of activity, where clear communication and safety are of utmost importance. In this regard, the application of directional speakers has emerged as a game-changer. directiona...
Directional In-Ceiling Speakers Create a Core Attraction for Luxury Stores
In the world of luxury retail, creating an unforgettable shopping experience is essential. From the meticulously designed displays to the attentive customer service, every aspect contributes to the ov...
Directional Speakers Enhance Sound, Safety, and Design in a New Museum
In the world of museums, creating an engaging and immersive experience for visitors is paramount. One key element that contributes to this is the audio system. Museum directional speakers, known for t...
Touchless Directional Sound Technology Enhances Pediatric Dentistry Experience
In the world of pediatric dentistry, creating a comfortable and distraction-free environment is crucial to ensure a positive experience for young patients. To achieve this, Deschutes Pediatric Dentist...
Audio Directive Speakers Enhance Rest and Recuperation for Hospital Patients
In the realm of healthcare, patient comfort and well-being are paramount. Recognizing this, hospitals are turning to innovative solutions to create a serene and healing atmosphere for patients. One su...
Enhancing Audio Immersion: The Benefits of Directional Audio Speakers
When it comes to audio experiences, immersion is key. Whether you're watching a movie, playing a video game, or listening to music, you want to be fully engaged in the sound. That's where dire...
How Does Directional Audio Speaker Technology Work?
In the world of audio technology, directional audio speakers have emerged as an exciting innovation that offers a unique and immersive sound experience. Unlike traditional speakers that emit sound in ...
Exploring the Future of Audio: The Rise of Directional Audio Speakers
The world of audio technology is constantly evolving, and one innovation that is shaping the future of audio experiences is directional audio speakers. These speakers offer a new dimension of sound co...
Parametric Loudspeakers vs. Traditional Speakers: Which is Right for You?
When it comes to choosing the perfect audio system for your home or professional setup, the options seem endless. Among the many decisions you'll face is whether to go for parametric loudspeakers ...
From Concert Halls to Home Theaters: Applications and Use Cases of Parametric Loudspeakers
When it comes to immersive audio experiences, parametric loudspeakers have emerged as a game-changer. With their advanced technology and unique capabilities, these speakers offer exceptional sound qua...
Choosing the Right Narrow Beam Speakers for Your Audio Setup
When it comes to creating an exceptional audio experience, selecting the right speakers is crucial. Narrow beam speakers, also known as directional speakers, offer a unique audio solution that focuses...
Experience Intelligent Directional Voice Explanation with Directional Audio Technology
According to acoustic principles, the human ear can hear sound waves within the frequency range of 20Hz-2000Hz, with sound waves higher than 2000Hz called ultrasonic waves and those lower than 20Hz ca...
Transformative Directional Audio Technology for Life Improvement
Directional audio technology in daily lifeDirectional sound solutions have gradually penetrated into our daily lives, changing the way we hear things and improving our living environment. These applic...
Directional speakers Help Campus Culture and Technology Exhibition Hall Provide a More Enriching Learning Atmosphere
In order to provide students with comprehensive teaching services, enrich campus culture, and popularize scientific knowledge, many schools will establish campus culture and technology exhibition hall...
What Are the Application Areas of Directional Speakers?
Currently, directional speaker solutions have been applied in various fields such as the development of smart cities, exhibitions and displays, commercial displays, retail, healthcare finance, and int...
Can the Directional Speaker Solve Household Noise Problems?
What can a directional speaker do? Can it solve noise problems from next door? Before answering this question, let's first introduce what a directional speaker is. It is possible that some people ...
Do You Know Directional Speakers?
The earliest research on directional speakers was conducted in European countries, which can be traced back to the mid-18th century. However, it remained in the theoretical stage for a long time and o...
Understanding and Applications of Environmental-friendly Directional Speaker
What is directional speaker?As the name suggests, directional speakers differ from traditional speakers or popular smart speakers. Directional speaker technology changes the principle of sound propaga...
Application of Directional Speaker Technology in Audible Physical Bookstore
Audfly has developed a customized solution for modern physical bookstores based on high standards in layout construction, experience, functionality, and more. This solution helps modern physical books...
Directional Audio Shopping in Unmanned Retail Industry
With the continuous development of the internet, unmanned retail industry has risen strongly, with consumption upgrading, technological development, and upgrading and transformation being the driving ...
Application of Ultrasound Directional Speakers in Supermarkets
Introduction to ultrasonic directional speakersTraditional speakers emit sound waves that mainly radiate in a 360-degree spherical pattern. In contrast, directional speakers emit sound waves that rese...
Directional speakers that effectively solve crosstalk interference in exhibition and display industry sound
1. Portable directional speakers are used in the exhibition and display industryPortable directional speakers refer to the sound emitted by the speaker is directional, and can be adjusted according to...
Museums' New Experiences in the Epidemic Era
1. Using directional speakers: museums in the pandemicOn the occasion of the 2021 International Museum Day with the theme of "Museums in Future: Recover and Reimagine", the International Cou...
Application of Directional Loudspeaker in Service Center
The biggest pain point of the government affairs service center is: the noise in the public environment, mixed with multiple sounds such as calling number broadcasting, video publicity broadcasting, b...
How Are Museum Directional Speakers Different?
How are museum directional speakers, which are of museum sound systems, different from speakers used in the past? Before answering this question, let me briefly introduce what is a museum directional...
Necessary Directional Speakers for Shopping Malls and Supermarkets
In large-scale shopping malls and supermarkets, everyone can hear broadcast information from time to time, and sometimes background music is also played. In order to spread the sound to all corners, m...
The Basics of Directional Speaker Technology
In the 1960s, Westervelt, Berktay and others discovered the self-demodulation effect of ultrasonic waves propagating nonlinearly in the air. In the 1980s, Japan's Kamkura T and others successfully...
About Ultrasonic Directional Speakers
Although traditional speakers can amplify the volume, it is difficult to avoid making noise. Compared with traditional speakers, ultrasonic directional speakers can not only ensure the clarity of soun...
The Difference Between Directional Speakers and Ordinary Speakers
The difference between directional speakers and ordinary speakersYou are no stranger to directional speakers. When you go to museums and exhibition halls, you can experience them. As long as you stand...
Directional Speaker Technology for Offices and Command and Control Centers
1. The application of directional speaker technology in the officeDirectional speaker technology is not limited to use in industries such as museums and retail. Also help improve the work environment ...
Directional Speaker Technology Could Keep Noisy Public Places Quiet
1. Directional speaker technology applied to digital signageDigital signage is often an engaging form of advertising that should not be missed. The growth of the digital out-of-home (DOOH) market has ...
What Are the Uses of Directional Loudspeaker Technology?
1. Directional loudspeaker technology applied to virtual source effectThe narrow sound beams of directional speaker technology can be pointed at transparent screens, smart mirrors, holograms, etc. to ...
The Working and Use of Directional Loudspeaker Technology
1. How does directional speaker technology work?Directional speaker technology produces directional audio in a precise, fixed shape and direction with a precision similar to that of light. Audio is de...
What Are the Uses of Directional Sound Technology?
1. Introduction of directional sound technologySound orientation is a sound technique for a specific field of orientation. Sound directional technology can be used in many different types of applicati...
The Figure of Directional Loudspeaker in Life
Many users are still very unfamiliar with directional speakers, but in fact this type of technical product has been popularized in many fields of life. What are the effects of using this type of produ...
Directional Loudspeakers for Home Learning
1. Directional speakers with high-definition voice, easy to spread audio contentDifferent from ordinary speakers, directional speakers use parametric array speakers. The main feature of the parametric...
The Application Principle of Directional Loudspeakers
For many, the concept of pollution is limited to nature and the environment. But noise has a tendency to disrupt the natural rhythm of life and is therefore also a form of pollution. Studies have foun...
Fields of Use of Directional Speakers
1. Know the directional speakersA traditional speaker directly produces a beam of sound that travels quickly from the speaker. In contrast, speakers use ultrasonic waves for indirect sound reproductio...
Technology and Application Advantages of Directional Speakers
With the development of society and economy, human beings have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. Because the traditional noisy sound environment has made people more and more dis...
Ultrasonic Directional Speakers Effectively Solve the Problem of Crosstalk Interference in the Exhibition Hall
Directional sound technology utilizes the directional characteristics of ultrasonic waves, and through unique acoustic technology and algorithms, audible sound can also propagate along a specified dir...
The Role and Use of Ultrasonic Directional Speakers
Compared with the traditional sound source, the directional sound source can control the propagation direction of the sound source and the coverage of the sound wave, which is the directional sound te...
Directivity and Use Effect of Ultrasonic Directional Speakers
Ultrasonic directional speakers have attracted a lot of public attention. As a new product of acoustic technology, ultrasonic directional speakers are highly functional in actual use. The multi-facete...
Directional Speakers in Retail
With the development of society and economy, speakers and speakers are indispensable products in life. Speakers can be seen everywhere in banks, supermarkets, schools and other life scenes. Because th...
Use Directional Speakers at Events and Exhibitions
1. How do directional speakers work?Essentially, they use an array of tiny speakers instead of a single large speaker like you'd find in traditional hi-fi speakers. These directive speakers emit u...
Use Directional Speakers in Museums and Galleries
1. What is a directional speaker?A directional speaker is a directional audio speaker that plays a straight beam of sound so it can only be heard when you are in a specific place. They are used in man...
How to Use Directional Speakers in Retail?
How to use directional voice in retail stores to increase sales, help customers find what they're looking for, and promote your brand in a way they'll remember. What are some ways to utilize d...
The Benefits and Installation of Directional Speakers in Retail
There are various ways you can use directional sound in your retail store. Taken together, these have clear benefits for any establishment running a brick-and-mortar store.1. The benefits of direction...
Ultrasonic Directional Speakers Make Sound More Directional
What kind of speakers have you used before? Are there any deficiencies in the control of the sound? The times are developing, technology is advancing, and the improvement of audio has never stopped.1....
Application of Directional Speakers
With the development of social economy, speakers and speakers are indispensable products in life. Speakers can be seen everywhere in life scenes such as banks, supermarkets, and schools. The tradition...
How Do Directional Loudspeakers Transmit Sound in a Directional Manner
Sound propagates like a beam of light in a certain direction and in a specified area, and this is the directional speaker! Its appearance has reduced the problem of noise pollution to some extent. We ...
How Directional Loudspeakers Work | How is It Different from Ordinary Speakers?
Directional audio technology has gradually entered all aspects of life. For example, at intersections waiting for traffic lights, there are directional audio safety prompts, which can be directed to p...
Applications of Ultrasonic Directive Speakers
What kind of speakers have you used before? Are there many deficiencies in the control of the sound? The times are developing, technology is progressing, and the improvement of speakers has never stop...
How Do Ultrasonic Directive Speakers Work?
1. What is an ultrasonic directive speaker?Ultrasonic directive speakers, also commonly referred to as directional speakers, are unique speakers that use ultrasonic waves to reproduce sound. Common sp...
Characteristics of Directional Sound Technology
Nowadays, everyone pays attention to privacy. Whether it is at home or public space, work or entertainment, headphones have become the first choice for obtaining audio sources. However, wearing headph...
About Directional Speakers and Their Applications
1. About the directional speakersDirectional speakers produce directional audio in a precise, fixed direction with a precision similar to that of light. Audio is delivered cleanly to the target area w...
Where Are Directional Speakers Used?
Directional audio allows you to create and focus audio zones to a single person or a large group of people, which is ideal when you want to project sound exactly where it is needed without disturbing ...
How Do Directional Speakers Work?
1. The emergence of directional speakersYou're walking past the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum and you don't even notice it, but, as you pass, the woman in the painting starts to tell you her ...
How does Ultra Directional Speaker Work?
Ultrasound directional speakers work in a completely different way than traditional speakers.
Application of Directional Speaker
The application of directional speakers brings convenience to production and life in a wide range of scenarios
The Contribution of Directional Sound Speakers to The Quality of Life
At present, directional sound speakers have made great contributions to medical industry, finance industry, smart transportation,etc.
How do Directional Speakers Directly Spread?
The sound spreads in a certain direction and a designated area like a beam of light
What is The Main Difference Between Directional Speaker and Conventional Speaker?
Conventional speakers are mostly sound-generating devices based on the moving-coil principle
Bluetooth Directional Speaker
The Bluetooth directional speaker is a more convenient and easy-to-control directional speaker
Wall-Mounted Directional Speaker
A wall-mounted directional speaker, just as its name implies, refers to a directional sound speaker that hangs on the wall.