Application of Directional Loudspeaker in Service Center

The biggest pain point of the government affairs service center is: the noise in the public environment, mixed with multiple sounds such as calling number broadcasting, video publicity broadcasting, business communication, etc., directly leads to the inability of people to communicate effectively due to the noisy environment in the process of doing business, propaganda and education videos can not be well publicized to the masses and other problems, directional speakers can solve these problems.


1. What are directional speakers?


The directional loudspeaker is unveiled as a "new member" of the hardware equipment of the new center, which has greatly improved the optimization of the public noise environment, the improvement of service levels, and the improvement of work efficiency. In the scenario of installing directional speakers in the center, it can be realized that in the same space, the sound of directional speakers can only be transmitted to specific areas. To put it simply, it means that the sound of the stereo has a direction, like the "light of a flashlight" has a directionality. The directional sound transmission using directional speakers can optimize the acoustic environment of the civic center without noise interference and create a comfortable office hall.


2. The application advantages of directional speakers


The sound of the directional speaker is directional, and the sound fields between regions are independent, and there is no noise interference to other regions. The sounds do not affect each other, do not crosstalk, do not howl, and no broadcast noise interference. Directed speakers improve business communication, effectively improve work efficiency, improve the public sound environment, and implement and optimize the business environment.


Application in various scenarios of the service center: At the entrance of the service hall, combined with the large-screen promotional video at the entrance, directional speakers are used to play sound in a directional manner, the content enters the brain and heart, and will not affect the surrounding acoustic environment, optimizing the public acoustic environment. The video content is played in a directional manner in the waiting area, without affecting the sound of calling numbers, and optimizing the balance of the acoustic environment in the public area. The government affairs service center is not only a platform for providing public services, but also a window for government publicity and education to closely contact the masses. Its operating efficiency and service experience directly reflect the government's work style and effectiveness. The combination of directional loudspeakers and citizen service centers provides experience and reference for the establishment of service-oriented agencies by national government service centers, gives full play to the product advantages of directional loudspeakers, continuously optimizes and improves the public acoustic environment, and creates a good quality of public space environment for the masses.


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