Transportation Uses Outdoor Directional Speakers

Audfly outdoor directional speakers are widely used in the transportation industry. They can help improve traffic safety and efficiency, as well as improve road efficiency and management. The device can sound alarms, release traffic information, handle emergencies, and remind roads Construction and release of public transportation information provide directional, timely, clear and accurate information to traffic participants to ensure safe and smooth traffic.



Early warning for accident-prone road sections


In accident-prone road sections, outdoor directional speakers can send warning messages in advance and only directionally transmit them in specific areas to remind drivers and pedestrians to pay attention to safety.


Emergency warning for rear traffic


In the event of an accident, outdoor directional speakers can issue warnings to remind drivers behind them to pay attention to safety, allowing them to respond in time to avoid secondary accidents.


Voice prompts for road entrance and exit


Outdoor directional speakers can be used for voice prompts at road entrances and exits. When a vehicle approaches a road entrance or exit, the speakers will emit a sound to remind the driver to pay attention to safety and the correct driving direction to prevent the driver from missing the road.


severe weather warning


When bad weather comes, such as heavy rain, heavy fog, hail, etc., managers can change the warning voice content of the outdoor directional speakers according to the weather conditions, and specify the warning information to be played to remind drivers and pedestrians to pay attention to safety.


High-frequency warning for drowsy and distracted drivers


Outdoor directional speakers can also be used to keep drivers awake. When drivers are tired or distracted, outdoor directional speakers can issue warning sounds to remind drivers to pay attention to safety and stay awake.

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