Understanding and Applications of Environmental-friendly Directional Speaker

What is directional speaker?


As the name suggests, directional speakers differ from traditional speakers or popular smart speakers. Directional speaker technology changes the principle of sound propagation, innovatively achieving the ultra-directional propagation of audible sound in the air, giving sound propagation direction and range that can be controlled by humans. It can to a certain extent prevent the disruptive spread of sound and is therefore known as the "environmentally friendly speaker."


The directional speaker technology is an innovative audio solution that enables the directional propagation of sound waves in a narrow beam, similar to the light beam emitted by a searchlight, allowing only those within the coverage range to hear the sound. Compared with traditional sound sources, directional sound sources can control the direction of sound propagation and the coverage range, with strong sound waves in the sound emission area and weak or disappearing sound waves beyond this area.


Understanding and application of directional speaker technology


The directional speaker is a result of acoustic technology transformation of Audfly Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Audfly"). Its core technology has obtained national patent certification, making it the leading project of China's directional speaker industrialization. It is understood that some countries have long applied directional sound technology, and Audfly may be the first in China to develop and apply directional speaker technology for industrialization.


Due to its inherent noise reduction characteristics, directional sound can achieve sound propagation along a specified direction and within a ±15° angle range, with better clarity than ordinary speakers, and even achieve the same sound both near and far within tens of meters. By addressing such shortcomings of traditional speakers, the focused sound speaker improves the overall audio experience and ensure consistent audio quality regardless of a listener's location.


The directional speaker brings innovative opportunities to various industries with its easy integrability and usability, including directional sound explanations for exhibitions, directional sound guidance for unmanned retail, overall sound optimization for finance and medical industries, directional sound services for transportation, and environmentally friendly sound optimization for public environments, among many others, becoming a well-known audio innovation application project for various industries.


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