Top10 Directional Speaker Manufacturers in World

In the realm of audio technology, directional speakers have emerged as a revolutionary solution, offering precise sound projection in targeted areas. As businesses and industries seek innovative ways to engage audiences and enhance user experiences, the demand for directional speaker manufacturers has skyrocketed. In this article, we present a curated list of the top 10 directional speaker manufacturers from around the world, each renowned for their expertise, quality, and innovation in the field.

List of directional speaker manufacturers:

  1. Panphonics 

  2. AudflySpeaker

  3. Focusonics

  4. Directional Audio

  5. Brown Innovations Directional Audio

  6. PASS-Medientechnik

  7. Dakot Audio

  8. DSPPA

  9. Holosonics

  10. Pearller

1. Panphonics 

Country: USA

Established: 1999

Main Products:

  • COMPACT Directional Speaker

  • SOUND SHOWER Directional Speaker

  • Directional Speaker AMPLIFIERS

  • CUSTOM MODELS Directional Speaker

Company Profile:

Panphonics, established in 1997, specializes in developing audio elements for various industries. Initially focusing on research and development for the first five years, our company transitioned to commercialization in 2003, with full-scale commercial products launched by 2004. Today, our clientele spans museums, retail outlets, banks, pharmacies, corporate video conferencing, airports, houses of worship, control rooms, and universities. As a leading Directional Speaker Manufacturer, Panphonics produces loudspeakers based on the electrostatic principle, utilizing technology pioneered by Finnish inventor Kari Kirjavainen. Our research began in collaboration with the Technical Research Centre of Finland in the early 1990s, supported by funding from the Finnish National Technology Agency. In addition to our proprietary line of directional speaker products, we also license our technology to industrial audio manufacturers and other audio solution providers, both directly and through resellers.

2. AudflySpeaker

Country: China

Established: 2016

Main Product:

Company profile:

Since early 2016, Audfly Technology has been manufacturing and installing Audfly directional speakers for major corporations and industries worldwide. Our directional speakers utilize groundbreaking technology to produce sound in a narrow beam, directing it precisely to the desired listening area, akin to the focused beam of a flashlight. This approach offers an effective means of delivering sound to specific areas, creating precise and independent audio zones that deliver an immersive, noise-free, and 3D-like audio experience.

3. Focusonics


Established: 2012

Main Product:

  • Focusonics® Directional Speaker Model B

  • Focusonics® Directional Speaker Model A

  • VESA stand

Company profile:

Focusonics, a pioneering Directional Speaker Manufacturer, was founded with the core concept of utilizing neural networks for various applications, including biometric person identification, computer vision, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Despite the challenges faced during the "neural networks winter," we persevered by leveraging and expanding our expertise throughout 2012. This pivotal year witnessed explosive advancements in deep neural networks, allowing us to swiftly capitalize on emerging opportunities in deep learning. As a result, we embarked on numerous new projects focused on object recognition and other applications. Presently, our team comprises over 100 employees, with 15% holding a Ph.D. and half actively engaged in R&D activities.

4. Directional Audio

Country: UK

Established: 2015

Main Product:

  • Ultrasonic Speakers

  • Sound Showers

  • Dome Speakers

  • Directional Soundbars

  • Overhead Arrays

  • Accessories

Company profile:

Whether you’re attending an event, launching a new product that needs to go off without a hitch and make an impression, or going about your day-to-day tasks, you’re in the business of making money. And to make money, you need to deliver a standout experience. Directional audio may be a complex technology in terms of how it works, but all you’re interested in is how it can benefit you. The answer? It can engage customers, educating them about a product or service and persuading them to buy. It can sell them on an idea without them even realizing it — because they’re too busy enjoying the experience. It can make such an impression on prospects that they tell others about it — people who come to check out what the fuss is about. All this means new opportunities to captivate and earn new leads. Directional Audio isn’t a new audio company on the market looking to make its mark. We’ve been in the business of directional audio for eight years and we boast the widest range of directional sound systems in Europe. Our installations have taken us all over the globe, from installing permanent equipment in Spain and Belgium to installing temporary setups in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Denmark. Trusted by names including Google, BMW, Heathrow Airport, and the BBC and with a fleet of audio technology available to buy or hire, we’re the go-to Directional Speaker Manufacturer to create the solution your business needs.

5. Brown Innovations Directional Audio

Country: USA

Established: 1993

Main Product:

  • Overhead Mounted Directional Speaker

  • Bottom Mounted Directional Subwoofer

  • Single Directional Speaker Localizer Sound Dome

  • Wide Dispersion Directional Speaker Localizer Sound Dome

  • Quadeo Directional Speaker Localizer Sound Dome

Company profile:
Brown Innovations, a pioneer in sound focusing technologies since 1993, has been at the forefront of innovation in directional speakers. Our talented engineers, based in Boston, Massachusetts, develop large-scale custom systems for indoor and outdoor use. From the Sound Dome Localizer to our SonicBeam to our Directional Subwoofer speaker line, we offer complete sound focusing solutions for any environment or application. As a leading Directional Speaker Manufacturer, we are committed to providing the highest quality technologies possible. Our track record speaks for itself with almost 20 years of satisfied customers and maintenance-free products. From digital signage screens in Heathrow Airport to museum displays at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; audio installations at Sao Paolo's Art Biennial to outdoor information kiosks in Helsinki; from restaurant seating areas to quiet library and gallery settings, our speakers are found wherever high-quality audio needs to be controlled.

6. PASS-Medientechnik

Country: Germany

Established: 1971

Main Products:

  • Directional loudspeaker

  • Portable Systems

  • 360°-loudspeakers

  • Fixed installations

  • Drone Speakers

Company Profile:

PASS-Medientechnik GmbH, a renowned Directional Speaker Manufacturer, develops and manufactures high-performance mobile sound systems and accessories in its own facilities, marketed under the brand name “VocCom Audio”. The firm’s founder produced his first loudspeaker system in 1971 with the aim of providing sound engineers with “better sound reproduction tools”. This tenet is still the guiding principle of the organization — all our products are developed with our clients in direct response to, and as solutions for, their issues and requirements. In the 20 years since the founding of PASS-Medientechnik GmbH, the firm has evolved from a “one-man band” into an internationally active audio manufacturer, using innovative ideas and an ever-increasing fund of “know-how” to generate, by means of painstaking and detailed precision engineering, a broad and steadily growing range of products for the military and security markets. VocCom Audio and PASS-Medientechnik products have been in constant use by security and military personnel worldwide since 2000 throughout a wide range of mission-critical operations. Our innovative ideas being transformed into solution-providing products continue to be market-leading internationally. We are firmly committed to maintaining our core values and determination to innovate as a part of our continuing product development and proud to be still doing so as we approach our 20th year.

7. Dakot Audio

Country: China

Established: 1992

Main Products:

  • FA-501 Directional Speaker 36

  • FA-602 Directional Speaker 24

  • MA-4 Slimline Directional Speaker Mini Array

  • MA-5 Full Range Directional Speaker Mini

Company Profile:

Dakota Audio, a leading Directional Speaker Manufacturer, has built our business over the last 27 years by supporting the most difficult and demanding acoustical market there is: Museums. Museums are often made of glass, marble, and steel and demand the highest quality reproductions of their audio content. Our directional audio speaker arrays are used all over the world in projects ranging from simple single speaker installations to solutions for very large environments. By controlling the launch time of the sound from each loudspeaker, we deliver well-controlled sound dispersion, adjustability, and coverage patterns. Our units sound much better than ultrasonic technologies and - depending on the acoustic environment - often provide better sound control. We do not have dust collecting domes, and the coverage pattern of our overhead arrays is easily field adjustable, a feature that is not available with any other technology. Beware of look-alike copies. Although they may look similar to ours, two or three loudspeakers mounted in a long metal housing will not be directional.



Country: China

Established: 1990

Main Products:

  • Hailing & Directional Speaker System

  • PA Amplifier

  • PA Speaker

  • Pro Sound System

  • Microphone & Peripheral

Company Profile:

Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd. is a professional audio manufacturer since 1988. With more than 30 years' history of designing and manufacturing audio products, DSPPA has enjoyed a high reputation in and out of China. Technology innovations, strict quality and environment control (ISO 9001&ISO14000), and market-oriented products have made DSPPA to be the leading brand in the field of public address system, conference system, and Directional Speaker Manufacturer. As the chief editor of the Technical Code for Public Address System Engineering of China, DSPPA is widely recognized as the largest and most professional audio equipment supplier in China.

9. Holosonics

Country: USA

Established: 2002

Main Products:

  • AUDIO SPOTLIGHT AS-24iX Directional Speaker

  • AUDIO SPOTLIGHT AS-16iX Directional Speaker

  • AUDIO SPOTLIGHT AS-168iX Directional Speaker

  • AS-168iX Directional Speaker

  • AS-16iX Directional Speaker

  • AS-24iX Directional Speaker

Company Profile:

Holosonic Research Labs, Inc., a leading Directional Speaker Manufacturer, has been manufacturing and installing highly directional Audio Spotlight speaker systems with SoundBeam® technology for major corporations and venues around the world since the early 2000's. Founded by Dr. F. Joseph Pompei, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Holosonic is located in Watertown, Massachusetts, along the Charles River, just outside of Boston.

10. Pearller

Country: China

Established: 1997

Main Product:

  • Directional Speaker

  • Smart Home Audio

  • Bluetooth Wall Player

  • Wifi Speaker

  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Active Speaker Kit

  • Community Speaker

Company profile:

Located in DeQing, China, and near Shanghai and Ningbo sea ports, we, as a prominent Directional Speaker Manufacturer, trace our roots back to the predecessor named "ZHEJIANG HAOYUAN APPLIANCE MANUFACTURER". Established in 1997, we have been a leading manufacturer of consumer electronic products in China. Utilizing advanced equipment and technology, we specialize in producing audio systems and P.A. Systems. Our product range includes speakers, megaphones, sirens, driver units, horn speakers, column speakers, as well as various public address system components such as in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Presently, our company's product range has been supplied to the EU, US, and South American markets. Moreover, all our models are produced in compliance with CE and RoHS standards.


In conclusion, the world of directional speaker manufacturing is vibrant and diverse, with companies continually pushing the boundaries of audio technology. Whether it's delivering immersive audio experiences in museums, enhancing communication in corporate settings, or revolutionizing public address systems, these manufacturers play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sound projection. As technology advances and new applications emerge, we can expect these directional speaker manufacturers to remain at the forefront of innovation, driving the industry forward with their ingenuity and expertise.

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