Directional Audio Speaker Delivers Private Sound Beams for Bank Kiosks

As banks strive to meet the evolving needs of their customers, the Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) has embarked on a mission to offer cutting-edge banking technologies and expand its services across the United Arab Emirates. One of the key technologies that have transformed these kiosks is the directional audio speaker, which delivers private sound beams to enhance the customer experience and streamline banking services.


Revolutionizing Banking Services with Directional Audio Speakers


The Digital Kiosks at CBD's cashless branches have replaced traditional tellers with device-based solutions. Customers can now enjoy a range of banking services, including account opening, exploring offers, and applying for retail banking products, all through the user-friendly digital platform. To create an immersive and engaging experience, directional audio speakers have been integrated into each kiosk. These speakers ensure that sound is delivered exclusively to the customer, providing a sense of privacy and personalization.


CBD understands the importance of providing extraordinary banking experiences to its customers. With the help of directional audio speakers, CBD has taken a significant step toward achieving this goal. Alongside table-mounted tablets, the Digital Kiosks feature touch-enabled Interactive Video Walls. Here, customers can explore various bank services and interact with a Virtual Assistant. To cater to multiple users simultaneously, two Audio Spotlight Directional Speakers are connected to the media player, directing sound specifically to the customer engaging with a particular section of the Video Wall. This eliminates audio collision and ensures a seamless, high-tech experience for each individual.


The Innovative Technology Behind Directional Audio Speaker


Directional audio technology utilizes a narrow beam of ultrasound as a "virtual" sound source. Although ultrasound falls outside the range of human hearing, it interacts with the air as it travels, resulting in the creation of clear and focused sound that can be directed precisely to a specific location. This advanced directional audio technology offers greater directivity and control compared to traditional loudspeakers.


The integration of directional audio speakers in CBD's Digital Kiosks signifies a remarkable transformation in the banking industry. By leveraging innovative technologies, CBD has successfully created personalized and engaging banking experiences for its customers. The use of directional audio speakers ensures that sound is delivered exclusively to the intended recipient, providing a sense of privacy and eliminating audio collision. As the digital era continues to evolve, the role of directional audio speakers in revolutionizing the customer experience will undoubtedly become even more prominent in the banking sector.


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