Experience Intelligent Directional Voice Explanation with Directional Audio Technology

According to acoustic principles, the human ear can hear sound waves within the frequency range of 20Hz-2000Hz, with sound waves higher than 2000Hz called ultrasonic waves and those lower than 20Hz called infrasonic waves. Ultrasonic waves have good directionality, strong penetration, and are easy to obtain concentrated sound energy. Audible sound waves are a rare type of mechanical wave, and the trajectory of their propagation in the air medium is spherical, resulting in a divergent propagation movement that not only makes the sound easily attenuated but also spreads in all directions, easily causing disturbance.


Understanding directional audio technology


Directional audio technology is developed based on the advantages of ultrasonic waves with strong penetration and high directionality. It modulates audible sound into ultrasonic frequency bands, breaking the limitation that audible sound can only propagate in all directions and making sound only propagate in a fan-shaped area, free from any interference outside of this area, much like a flashlight illuminating a specific area.


Characteristics of directional audio technology




With highly directional sound propagation, directional speakers control sound that originally spreads in all directions to a specific range, forming a set of independent, non-interfering audio spaces. This technology can truly achieve independent voice explanation space ability, realizing an immersive experience. In other words, when multiple devices play different voice content simultaneously, they do not interfere with each other, and to a certain extent, they can improve the overall sound environment of public spaces.




Directional speakers can be installed in multiple ways, such as suspended ceiling, wall-mounted, and standing, without damaging the original building structure. They are treated with waterproof, moisture-proof, and dust-proof processes, and their components are clearly labeled for easy connection. With various auxiliary brackets, the angle can be easily adjusted to enjoy the infinite fun brought by directional sound fields.




Directional speakers are lightweight and compact in size, making them easy to integrate and apply. They can be paired with induction switches to achieve automatic intelligent control, and their various product lines can be perfectly integrated into different application scenarios. This is an expandable intelligent system supported by leading directional sound technology in the world, revolutionizing traditional audio technology and allowing users to re-understand the concept of directional audio.




Audfly offers "technology-product-solution" in the form of research, with the conversion of research achievements and capabilities under the advantages of industry-university-research cooperation, mature application of technology, and successful application cases widely used in multiple industries. This solution achieves both sound propagation and meets the environmental protection requirement of no noise pollution. In summary, the integration of directional, convenient, intelligent, and solution-oriented directional audio technology truly achieves the concept of "only you can hear it," bringing users a brand new experience of intelligent directional voice explanations!


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