Top 5 Use Cases of Directional Speakers

Directional speakers, also known as parametric or ultrasonic speakers, offer unique capabilities that set them apart in various industries.

Unlike traditional loudspeakers like woofers and tweeters, which are designed for broad sound dispersion in settings like festivals, announcement systems, and car audio systems, directional speakers, such as those developed by Audfly Technology, emit sound in a narrow beam. To learn more about this innovative technology, please visit our sound technology page.

Thanks to this directional capability, Audfly Technology's directional speakers are ideally suited for a range of specialized applications across different sectors. They can be used to attract the attention of passers-by, deliver targeted information to specific individuals, enhance interactive art displays, and much more.

In this article, we will explore the top 5 use cases where Audfly Technology's directional speakers shine.

List of the 5 use cases of Directional Speakers:

  1. Outdoor Advertising Screens
  2. Museum & Gallery
  3. Library
  4. Retails & Markets
  5. Digital Signage & Kiosks

1. Outdoor Advertising Screens

Outdoor advertising large screens are an important tool for modern advertising and are especially suitable for use in public places such as city centers, business districts, and tourist attractions. Through high-definition images and stunning sound effects, large outdoor advertising screens can attract the attention of a large number of viewers, thereby improving the effectiveness of advertising. The Audfly outdoor directional speaker is a speaker that can directional sound propagation, which can focus the sound in a specific direction and enhance the sound effect of advertising. Audfly outdoor directional speakers integrate exclusive patented directional sound technology, which makes the sound transmission more concentrated and clear, allowing the audience to understand the advertising content more deeply, thus improving the effectiveness of advertising.

At the same time, the use of Audfly outdoor directional speakers for large outdoor advertising screens can also solve the problem of noise pollution in outdoor advertising. Because Audfly outdoor directional speakers can concentrate sound in specific areas, they will not cause noise pollution to the surrounding environment, thus avoiding complaints and disputes caused by noise issues. Therefore, using Audfly outdoor directional speakers can not only improve the effectiveness of advertising, but also protect the surrounding environment and achieve green and environmentally friendly advertising.

When it comes to Outdoor Advertising Screens, Audfly Technology's Outdoor Directional Speakers offer unparalleled clarity and targeted sound projection, ensuring maximum impact for your messaging campaigns.

Directional speaker technology plays a crucial role in enhancing the serene ambiance of museums and galleries, offering visitors a unique and immersive experience. In modern museum settings, where maintaining a peaceful environment is paramount, directional speakers, such as those provided by Audfly Technology, are essential. These speakers enable museums to selectively add sound to specific interactive exhibits, ensuring that sound is delivered only to desired listening areas while preserving quiet elsewhere.

By utilizing Audfly directional speakers, museums can mount speakers next to or above artworks, effectively transforming them into directional ceiling speakers. This approach allows museums to provide relevant information to visitors who approach closely, without disturbing others, thus preserving the tranquil ambiance of the museum. Among the models commonly used for this scenario are Audfly Audfly Model B and Model L.

The advantages of directional speakers in museum settings are manifold. Firstly, they significantly improve the quality of audio presentations by delivering sound directly to the intended audience, ensuring clear and distortion-free audio. Additionally, directional speakers help reduce noise pollution in museums by delivering sound only to specific areas, creating a quieter and more immersive experience for visitors.

Moreover, directional speakers offer greater flexibility in exhibit design, as they can be strategically placed to deliver audio information precisely where needed. This flexibility enhances the interactivity and engagement of museum exhibits, allowing visitors to explore different areas while receiving context and additional information through directional audio.

Furthermore, directional speakers contribute to preserving the atmosphere of museum exhibits by directing sound only to intended areas, without disturbing other parts of the museum. This preservation of ambiance creates a more peaceful and focused environment, enhancing the overall visitor experience. Thus, directional speakers play a vital role in modern museum settings, enabling museums to provide informative and engaging experiences while maintaining a serene ambiance.

3. Library

Only by establishing a modern high-tech public library can it better meet the needs of the contemporary market. The current challenge is how to meet the increasingly sensitive multimedia needs of today's young people without increasing noise or disturbing the quiet library environment. For example, customers can watch and listen some related video and audio knowledge files, and other people can read and study quietly outside this area.

Audfly Technology provides a good sound directional transmission solution for this purpose, Audfly Indoor Directional Speakers and Directional Soundbar were installed in the library, which can control the sound transmission in a certain area and create an independent audio space, while none of the surrounding space was disturbed. This effective combination of adding sound in a specific area of the library also fully reflects the super directivity and effectiveness of sound transmission within our Audfly speakers.

4. Retails & Markets

Retailers have long faced challenges in implementing audio transmission in their in-store messaging campaigns. Traditional sound systems may be considered intrusive for both retail customers and employees. However, with the introduction of directional speakers, such as the Audfly audio speakers system, this situation can be completely transformed. The Pro Audio Audfly system creates targeted audio zones, allowing retailers to add audio content in selective spots without bleeding into nearby areas. Research indicates that the enhanced personalized message from directional audio increases genuine attention to the marketed product, resulting in a much more fruitful marketing campaign. Moreover, the Audfly audio system can contribute to reducing employee workload and offering customers the convenience of self-service in-store. When the portable directional speaker is directed toward a display or product, the sound appears to originate from the product itself, making it ideal for exclusive product promotions. Audfly directional speakers can be mounted above the shelf of a specific product or within the display inside the store. Audfly Model Band Audfly Model L are recommended.

5. Digital Signage & Kiosks

Most of the kiosks and digital signages are typically silent because conventional loudspeakers produce audio at uncomfortable levels and allow sound to spread in all directions, the noisy audio will instantly get your sound turned off or even your entire display get unplugged. But successful digital signage advertising includes both video and audio. Audfly audio systems can easily deal with the situation. Our complete range of directional speakers ensures a successful isolated audio presentation for your digital signage applications.

With Audfly directional speakers integrated into your digital signage, your customers can hear every bit of your message. It will be able to attract customers from a few meters away, and yet other patrons and employees just a few steps away will be left almost undisturbed.

Audfly audio system's complete range of directional speakers ensures a successful isolated audio presentation for your digital signage applications.

And most importantly, Audfly system can also be used outdoors. Take a look at our Audfly Model YS-V112CHModel SA-2001A is also commonly used in digital signs.


For more details on the optimal distance operation and output variations of our directional speaker models, please visit our products page. The examples provided in this article demonstrate the extensive potential of Audfly directional speakers across various industries. Their seamless integration into different fields adds a modern technological twist that captures the interest and attention of individuals within the speaker's range. We are excited about introducing our speakers into additional industries and expanding within those discussed today. If you are interested in purchasing an Audfly directional speaker, please feel free to contact us below, and we will gladly assist you.


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