About Ultrasonic Directional Speakers

Although traditional speakers can amplify the volume, it is difficult to avoid making noise. Compared with traditional speakers, ultrasonic directional speakers can not only ensure the clarity of sound transmission but also control the direction and range of sound transmission.


1. About directional speakers


Directional speaker As the name suggests, this speaker is different from traditional speakers. Directional speakers have changed the principle of sound propagation and innovatively realized the super-directional propagation of audible sound in the air, that is, endowed with the characteristics of artificially adjustable sound propagation direction and range, directional speakers can prevent the diffuse propagation of sound from disturbing the people. So it is also called an "environmental protection sound speaker".


2. Fields of use of ultrasonic directional speakers


Ultrasonic directional speaker can be used on various occasions such as exhibition display industry, media advertising industry, shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals and schools. Ultrasonic directional speakers can not only effectively eliminate noise, but also make information playback more accurate. It can be seen that ultrasonic parametric speaker is widely used and has a large market demand. For example, in shopping malls and supermarkets, by using ultrasonic directional speakers, different areas can be targeted for publicity, which can give customers a better experience and ensure the clarity of the sound effects, allowing the mall to form independent spaces and creating environmentally friendly and comfortable shopping.


3. Characteristics of ultrasonic directional speakers


Audfly's ultrasonic directional speaker has many characteristics such as strong directivity and convenient installation. In the advertising media industry, major museums, large exhibition halls, shopping malls and supermarkets can be used in all walks of life. Judging from the existing market feedback, everyone has given a high evaluation to the ultrasonic directional speaker.


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