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The revolutionary sound-focusing technology generates sound in a narrow beam, akin to light, spearheading a revolution in directional speaker technology. Audfly's super directional speakers can create independent and non-interfering focused sound zones in open environments, providing a completely new and unique audio experience. Ideal for large-scale custom systems, they can be used both indoors and outdoors, adapting seamlessly to various optional sound environments.
Directional Sound Speakers for Various Application Scenarios
Audfly provides directional audio application solutions for various indoor and outdoor scenarios, including museums, galleries, conference rooms, home theaters, libraries, retail stores, outdoor advertising, outdoor events, digital signage, parks, squares, public broadcasting, highways, alarm systems and more. With Audfly directional sound speakers, you can accurately position sound exactly where you need it.
Audfly Directional Sound Speaker Cases
Audfly provides Leading Directional Sound Technology to Make the Sound Focus, Spread Farther and Clearer.
Audfly Technology
A Leading Company That Dedicates To Innovative Directional Sound Technology In China.

Audfly has made pioneered breakthrough in innovative applications of directional audio technology in various industries and provides application solutions for scenarios including smart cities, transportation, cultural tourism, education, finance, and retail.

What's more, deep cooperation with China Academy of acoustics Institute Continuous technological innovation and application development, stable quality control process, sufficient inventory, fast delivery of standard and customized products, all is ready for the long-term cooperation with our customers.

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Audfly Updates
  • Apr-26-2024
    Parametric speakers, also known as directional speakers, represent a fascinating breed of audio technology. These innovative speakers employ ultrasonic waves to reproduce sound.
  • Apr-03-2024
    Directional speakers use directional sound technology to transmit sound along a specific path to form a directional sound source, similar to the beam of a searchlight, achieving precise directional propagation.
  • Mar-29-2024
    Directional speakers, like those by Audfly Technology, are revolutionizing various industries with their precise sound targeting.
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