Super Directional Speaker in Luxury Store

Luxury stores such as branding clothing stores, jewelry stores, watch stores, shoe stores, bag stores, underwear stores, cosmetics stores, etc. The customers who come here to consume have a certain level of consumption. In addition to paying attention to brands, it also pays more attention to the shopping experience. 

At this time, traditional speakers obviously cannot meet the needs of such high-consumption customers. Super directional speakers create an immersive shopping experience and do not interfere with the surrounding sound environment. Experiments have confirmed that such customers are significantly more favorable to directional speakers than traditional speakers.



In addition, with the progress of science and technology and the improvement of human living standards, directional speakers will also be popularized in some medium-sized stores in the future, with broader market prospects. 

The in ceiling directional speakers can be installed on the ceiling/walls inside the store or on the exterior walls and ceilings outside the store. 

Audfly Model B, R and Audfly Model L are recommended. 


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