Using Ultrasonic Directional Speakers in an Academic Library

Academic libraries have long been associated with silence and solitude, where students quietly study and librarians patrol the aisles, shushing anyone who dares to disturb the peace. However, this traditional perception of libraries is gradually evolving as user attitudes and expectations shift. The rise of communication technology has contributed to increased ambient noise levels in various environments, including libraries. In response, libraries are reimagining their spaces to accommodate the changing needs of their patrons while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. One innovative solution that has emerged is the use of ultrasonic directional speakers, also known as parametric speakers, to provide targeted audio information without creating disruptions in the surrounding areas.


Exploring the Potential of Ultrasonic Directional Speakers


Advancements in technology have brought new features to modern libraries, such as coffee shops, collaborative workspaces, and interactive areas. These additions encourage movement, conversation, and interaction among library users. While these features enhance the library experience, they also introduce a challenge: how to balance the creation of noise with the traditional expectation of a quiet and calm study environment.


Libraries have implemented various strategies to manage noise levels and accommodate diverse user preferences. These strategies include the creation of designated quiet areas, the use of different furniture types that promote or discourage interaction based on noise requirements, and the development of noise regulation policies. However, for smaller libraries with limited space, finding a balance between quiet and noisy areas can be particularly challenging.


Librarians at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar and Austin Peay State University's Woodward Library have begun exploring the use of ultrasonic directional speakers as a potential solution to address the challenge of managing noise in their libraries. These speakers utilize advanced technology to focus sound waves and deliver audio to specific locations while minimizing disturbances in surrounding areas.


How Ultrasonic Directional Speakers Work


Ultrasonic directional speakers employ the modulation of sound wave frequencies to create focused beams of audio. By using ultrasonic waves, these speakers can direct sound precisely to a targeted location. When someone is even a few inches away from the focal point of the sound waves, the sound level significantly reduces, ensuring that the audio is primarily experienced by those within the intended area.


Ultrasonic directional speakers have gained recognition in prestigious institutions like the Boston Museum of Science, the Field Museum of Chicago, the Harvard Peabody Museum, the Yale Art Gallery, the New York Public Library, and the Smithsonian. These institutions utilize directional sound systems to broadcast localized audio without disturbing visitors outside the target areas, even within larger open spaces. While the efficacy and value added by these systems are yet to be impartially assessed, the ability to precisely focus audio opens up possibilities for enhancing multimedia displays and providing detailed verbal explanations of exhibited content.


Academic libraries are adapting to changing user expectations by embracing new features and technologies. The implementation of ultrasonic directional speakers offers a promising solution to manage noise levels while providing targeted audio information. By focusing sound waves, these speakers allow libraries to enhance their multimedia displays and cater to the needs of different user groups without causing disruptions in adjacent areas. As libraries continue to evolve, exploring innovative technologies like ultrasonic directional speakers can contribute to creating dynamic and engaging spaces that meet the diverse needs of modern library users.


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