Directional Speaker Technology for Offices and Command and Control Centers

1. The application of directional speaker technology in the office


Directional speaker technology is not limited to use in industries such as museums and retail. Also help improve the work environment by having them in the office. There are two main uses for office directional speakers: to create a pleasant and immersive work environment, and to use a combination of facial recognition and directional audio for entrance greetings.


The use of directional speaker technology in the office can create an immersive and relaxing experience in the reception room, hallway, and rest area. Most large offices typically have rooms, such as waiting areas or lounges, where TVs are on 24/7, directional speakers for office can also provide localized sound, and computer vision, which companies can use to deliver personalized greeting messages to employees.


2. Directional speaker technology applied to command and control center


Directional speaker technology creates a narrow beam of sound that can be precisely controlled and distributed like light. Our innovative speakers produce directional audio that can only be heard by the targeted individual or area, without dissipating the sound into the surrounding environment like standard speakers.


This directional audio speaker technology makes directional speakers ideal for augmenting command and control center operations with real-time communications systems, freeing workers from having to use earphones or earpieces to receive audio. It is critical that the surrounding area where the directional speaker beams the sound be kept quiet.


Different operators in the control center will be responsible for all aspects of security operations. Directional speakers can direct targeted audio when necessary, such as in an emergency. The advantage of this is that it avoids any distraction to other operators in the room due to noise spillover outside the narrow beam. Traditional speakers, on the other hand, add to the ambient noise in the room and can confuse and distract operators from concentrating on their work.


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