Directional speakers Help Campus Culture and Technology Exhibition Hall Provide a More Enriching Learning Atmosphere

In order to provide students with comprehensive teaching services, enrich campus culture, and popularize scientific knowledge, many schools will establish campus culture and technology exhibition halls or cultural corridors. These places contain rich scientific knowledge and are important places for students to expand their extracurricular knowledge. Therefore, the sound environment of such places needs to be upgraded!


Why use directional speakers in exhibition halls?


Exhibition halls are divided into different display areas, and different voice explanations are needed for different exhibition areas and exhibits. In the past, generally omnidirectional speakers (that is, general omnidirectional sound speakers) or IP network broadcasting systems were used to provide voice explanations services for visitors, which reduce manpower to a certain extent, but the problems still exist. For example, the sounds of several areas in the venue will interfere with each other, especially when there are many visitors, the sound in the venue will be more noisy, and the voice explanation will be particularly unclear, which is very bad for visitors' experience. To address such issues, the directional speaker has been employed, providing a focused sound beam that directs sound to a particular area, making it clearer for visitors to distinguish the voice explanations.


Directional speakers used in campus exhibitions


Traditional speakers are prone to whistling, and the voice explanations in different areas of the campus exhibition hall will interfere with each other, making it difficult for students to hear the content of the voice explanations, which especially affects the enthusiasm of students to learn extracurricular knowledge. Therefore, the sound reinforcement system of such places is upgraded to directional speakers. Directional speakers are acoustic innovative products that integrate directional sound technology. In the campus culture and technology exhibition hall or cultural corridor, the directional voice explanation and navigation system is integrated. The core technology of this system is directional sound technology. Sound propagation of the directional sound system has strong directionality, and sound only propagates within a specific range. When students come to the science and technology museum, targeted voice explanations are provided for students in different science and technology knowledge sharing areas to help students understand the charm of science and technology. When students come to the cultural corridor, they can receive different voice explanation contents in different exhibition areas, and the explanations between different areas do not interfere or mix, and the information is received in an orderly manner, which creates a strong sense of technology for students and increases their learning enthusiasm.


Of course, directional speakers can also be used in places such as school libraries and laboratories to create a rich learning atmosphere, allowing sound to concentrate and propagate in specific areas without interfering with the surrounding sound environment, and provide students with a good learning sound environment. The adaptability is very high!


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