Directional speakers that effectively solve crosstalk interference in exhibition and display industry sound

1. Portable directional speakers are used in the exhibition and display industry


Portable directional speakers refer to the sound emitted by the speaker is directional, and can be adjusted according to their own needs to adjust direction of the speaker, can be imagined as the flashlight beam at night, pointing to where to go, the sound emitted by this type of speaker can also be controlled within a certain range. Portable directional speakers can effectively solve the problem of traditional omnidirectional sound bothering people and crosstalk. But in fact, the product has already been applied long ago, and in the future, it will gradually be popularized and replaced with the original diffusive speakers in public places.


2. The advantages of portable directional speakers


Many people should have gone to the exhibition hall, where many exhibits are gathered. If people want to have a better understanding of a certain object, they will stop and watch, hoping to get a professional explanation and not be willing to let the noisy environment around them affect them. Therefore, installing portable directional speakers in exhibition venues can meet the needs of viewers, and Audfly portable directional speakers can be configured in different areas, and then each product can be introduced separately, and the introduction between each exhibit is not crosstalk, not interference, to achieve one-on-one directional explanation.


Directional speaker technology uses the directional characteristics of ultrasound, and realizes audible sound transmission along the specified direction through unique acoustic technology and algorithms. The portable directional loudspeaker of Audfly can control the direction and size of sound propagation, just like a flashlight beam, which can be adjusted according to your needs. The product has complete functions and models, such as wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and naturally placed. Directional speakers for museums can be selected in different shapes according to the needs of the exhibition hall, which is convenient to install and operate, and easy to maintain. Therefore, Qingting Acoustics, as a manufacturer of portable directional speakers, has better quality directional sound speakers and an after-sales service guarantee.


The portable directional loudspeaker integrates directional sound technology, which is also the exclusive patent of Audfly. Once the directional audio is launched, it has been widely used and well received in various industries, such as various types of exhibition halls, museums, exhibition halls, hospitals, banks, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, multimedia advertising machines, digital signs, hotels, Party and government construction publicity, subway corridors, various cultural corridors, station ticket machines, bus stops, highways, school playgrounds, squares, etc. 


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