Tunnels Use Outdoor Directional Speakers

The tunnel environment is unique, with rescue efforts in the event of an accident being particularly challenging, making daily safety measures crucial. Conventional speakers cause severe reverberation and poor sound quality in tunnels. To address this issue, Audfly has developed a directional speaker system using patented acoustic technology specifically for tunnels.


This system allows for directional, precise, and clear transmission of broadcast information to those inside the tunnel. With strong directivity, exceptionally long broadcasting range, robust penetration, and natural sound quality, the system can penetrate through the vehicle's window glass from a distance, alerting drivers to ensure safety within the tunnel.


Furthermore, the system incorporates post-delay control to maintain a balanced sound field throughout the tunnel. An array of microphones also enables real-time voice broadcasting, allowing for remote command and guidance in case of emergencies.


As such, the Audfly outdoor directional speaker system is a crucial asset that can play a pivotal role during critical moments, ensuring safety within the tunnel.


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