Directional Audio Shopping in Unmanned Retail Industry

With the continuous development of the internet, unmanned retail industry has risen strongly, with consumption upgrading, technological development, and upgrading and transformation being the driving force for the development of the unmanned retail industry. However, as a very new industry, unmanned retail is facing some problems. Among them, due to the large reduction of labor force in unmanned retail, commodity guidance is facing a challenge. Some unmanned retail enterprises use commercial speakers for product promotion. Due to the large volume of the speakers and their wide sound diffusion range, they easily create problems of noisy and chaotic retail environment, which has a counterproductive effect.


Directional audio technology is used in the retail industry


Directional speakers, based on core directional sound technology, have achieved breakthroughs in directional sound transmission, allowing people to control the direction and scope of sound transmission, achieving environmental sound protection.


Considering the special attributes of the unmanned retail industry, in the special environment of unmanned guidance, the demand for voice guidance is relatively high. Audfly has developed a directional voice guidance solution for the unmanned retail industry. The directional speakers are integrated into areas where guidance is required for unmanned retail shelves, self-service retail vending machines, self-service ice cream vending machines, and self-service cash register counters, achieving functions such as product partition directional voice guidance and promotion, self-service settlement guidance instructions, etc. By using acoustic innovative technology means, the unmanned retail mode and consumption links are optimized, and the cost conversion efficiency is improved.


The unique technology of directional audio technology makes the sound emitted by the directional speakers propagate far and clearly. After testing, the maximum sound in front of the directional speaker can reach more than 70 decibels, which fully meets the needs of people who are active nearby. Moving to both sides of the directional speaker, the decibel gradually decreases to within a reasonable range. At the same time, it meets people's requirements for a normal sound environment, with the decibels of the directional speaker's directional speaker being more than 40 decibels.


The advantages of using directional audio technology in the retail industry


  • Based on the principle of directional audio technology, the guidance language is highly concentrated and targeted, with high conversion efficiency;

  • Multiple product guidance languages can be played simultaneously without interference, and the zoning guidance is more standardized and reasonable;

  • The sound is environmentally friendly, achieving a balanced sound field in unmanned retail spaces, creating a comfortable shopping experience;

  • The guidance language content can be updated remotely, which is convenient and fast, and meets the timeliness of promotions;

  • Directional audio technology has high adaptability, is easy to integrate, and does not destroy the original structure and operation mechanism of unmanned retail.


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