Necessary Directional Speakers for Shopping Malls and Supermarkets

In large-scale shopping malls and supermarkets, everyone can hear broadcast information from time to time, and sometimes background music is also played. In order to spread the sound to all corners, multiple ceiling or wall-mounted speakers are often installed in different positions, but There are also many limitations, such as uneven volume, and sometimes different areas need to play different content, which will interfere with each other and make customers feel very noisy. Therefore, many large and medium-sized supermarkets are now choosing directional speakers.


1. Understanding of directional loudspeaker technology


Compared with traditional sound sources, directional sound sources can control the propagation direction of sound sources and control the coverage of sound waves, which is directional speaker technology. Directional speaker technology is a groundbreaking audio solution that provides an effective way to spread sound without the use of large speaker arrays, and can also project sound highly directionally to specific areas, creating a specific audio space.


2. Directional speakers allow sound to spread in a direction


Many people feel a little unfamiliar with the speakers that can make the sound directional. Audfly has developed and produced the first directional speaker in China. In the past, ordinary sounding devices were installed and used in commercial places. When all the speakers work at the same time The environment can be very noisy. However, with Audfly directional speakers, it will become completely different. Directed speakers can replace the original all-round speakers. After turning on the device, intelligent remote control can be performed in the background. Using Audfly acoustic directional speaker technology can make different sounds appear in different places. Regional transmission can achieve the function of no crosstalk and no interference, which solves the serious problem of sound mixing in shopping malls and improves customers' favorability for shopping. Directional ceiling speakers are widely used in supermarkets.


3. Directional speakers customer experience immersive shopping


In shopping malls and supermarkets, there are always a lot of shoppers gathered every day. Sometimes customers want to get services such as product explanations and block content that is not related to the area they are in. At this time, directional speakers can do it. Audfly' directional loudspeaker Juyinbao is easy to install and has a sensing function to provide targeted directional broadcast services for customers in different regions. For example, when customers come to the home textile area, exclusive background music and product introductions will be broadcast from the speakers, allowing people to enjoy the fun of immersive shopping without affecting customers in other product areas around them.


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