Do You Know Directional Speakers?

The earliest research on directional speakers was conducted in European countries, which can be traced back to the mid-18th century. However, it remained in the theoretical stage for a long time and only entered the commercialization stage in the 21st century. It was not until 2015 when directional speakers truly entered the public's vision as Chinese acoustic technology company, Audfly, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Acoustics achieved the fully autonomous development and industrialization of directional speakers, paving the way for 100% domestic production of directional speakers. Now, you should get to know this extraordinary audio device as it is quietly changing your life.


What is the directional speaker?


Directional speakers, also known as sound beam speakers, audio spotlights, ultrasonic audio systems, directional acoustic systems, ultrasonic speaker, etc., are innovative technological speakers with high technical content and broad market development potential. The biggest difference between them and traditional speakers is that they can produce high directional and self-tuned audible sound through the non-linear interaction of ultrasonic waves in the air, thus achieving directional audio transmission in the air. If this description does not help you understand the sound emission state of directional speakers, then we will introduce you to this audio device from the following objects and scenes.


The use of directional speakers in exhibition display


In the exhibition display industry, the use of directional speakers is particularly popular. Through the application of directional speakers, venues such as the Science and Technology Museum, enterprise exhibition halls, exhibitions, etc., can achieve functions such as directional speech partition explanation and directional speech guide. Multiple speakers work synchronously without crosstalk, and each sound area is relatively independent. First, the directional speaker can save labor costs and achieve self-service voice services; second, it can achieve environmental sound field balance and enhance the visitor experience.


We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality directional speakers, committed to delivering revolutionary solutions that transform the way sound is heard. Our state-of-the-art directional speakers are specially designed to direct and amplify sound waves in a focused direction, creating a clear and immersive experience for listeners. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our products or place an inquiry.


Audfly can offer the following products:

Directional speakers for museums

Hyper directional speaker

Small directional speakers

Directional speakers for office

Focused sound speakers

Directional ceiling speakers

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