Highways Use Outdoor Directional Speakers

Audfly's Outdoor Directional Speakers utilize advanced directional sound technology and information technology to be deployed in typical accident scenarios such as interchanges, toll booth entrances and exits, waterways, long downhill stretches, sharp bends, and sections affected by severe weather. This deployment allows for timely warning and intervention at the roadside or waterway when incidents are detected, as well as remote warning and emergency response. By harnessing technological means, it drives innovation in road traffic safety management, establishes a road traffic safety and travel ecosystem, achieves precise safety service outreach, comprehensive management improvement, and orderly operation of the safety ecosystem.


Audio-Visual Warning Integration for Enhanced Awareness and Early Warning


Building a dual warning channel with both visual and auditory warnings on top of high-speed visual warnings, enhances driver attention and receptiveness to safety warning information, improves alertness, and reduces accident rates.


Directional Voice Announcements, More Precise and Intelligent


The system integrates leading directional sound technology, controlling the warning sound to propagate within a single lane, reducing noise interference with surrounding villages and objects, achieving precise directional broadcasting for specific road sections and vehicles.



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