Dual Audio Channel Directional Speakers Model X2

Audfly Directional Speaker X2 utilizes exclusive patented directional sound technology to achieve sound propagation as focused as a beam of light, delivering audio clearly to the target area without causing noise pollution to the surrounding environment. Model X2 serves both personal and commercial purposes. Individuals facing hearing challenges with conventional speakers can rely on the X2 to elevate their auditory experience. In commercial settings, the X2 excels in small exhibitions and tranquil interior spaces where sound zoning is required.

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Dual Audio Channel Directional Speakers Model X2

Mode FSC3-X2
Max SPL (71-77)±3dB@2m/1KHz
Directivity <15°(-20dB)
Input sensitivity 0.5Vrms
Frequency Range 500Hz-20kHz
Power Rating 15W
Audio Inputs 3.5mm AUX/Bluetooth/Type-C
Control LINE IN
Temperature Range 0°-45℃
Operation Humidity 0-90%
Size 272x75.5x69mm (With stand)
272*69*30mm (Without stand)
Weight 395g (Including base)
400g (Including wall mounted brackets)
Accessories Wall Bracket |Rotating Base
Color Black gray
Audio cable 3.5mm Dual channel audio cable(1.5m)
Adapter (Input)110-240Vac 50/60Hz
(Output)24V DC/2A
Indicator Rhythm LEDSx7
Power Indicatorx1
Bluetooth Indicator x1

Functions of Audfly X2 Directional Speaker

  • Super Directional Transmission: Create focused audio zones in certain area without disturbing anyone around you.

  • Applicable to Multiple Scenarios: The Model X2 caters to personal and commercial needs. It enhances audio experiences for individuals with hearing challenges, and excels in small exhibitions and quiet interior spaces where sound zoning is needed.

  • Flexible Install Type: Supports various installation options, including wall mounting, bracket mounting, ceiling suspension, and desktop placement, allowing customers to choose the most suitable installation method based on their needs.

Audfly Directional Speaker X2

Accessories of Audfly X2 Portable Directional Speaker With Bluetooth


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