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Parametric speakers, also known as directional speakers, represent a fascinating breed of audio technology. These innovative speakers employ ultrasonic waves to reproduce sound. Due to their shorter wavelength, they exhibit a remarkable ability to project sound in a highly focused manner, unlike traditional speaker systems.

When using a parametric speaker, the outcome is intriguing: individuals positioned just a few feet apart can experience vastly different auditory encounters. Depending on their relative position within the speaker's radius, they may either be immersed in the emitted audio or hear nothing at all. It's this precision and directionality that sets parametric speakers apart, making them an intriguing choice for various applications. Now, let's delve into the top 5 recommendations for parametric speakers! 

Best 5 Parametric Speakers

  1. Audfly Ultrasonic Parametric Speaker
  2. Focusonics® Model A
  3. HyperSound HSS 3000 Parametric Sound Speaker
  4. Audfly X2 Directional Speaker
  5. Acouspade Parametric Speaker

1. Audfly Wall Mounted Parametric Speakers Model B


Brand : Audfly

Model : FSC5-B1-G

Power Supply : (Input) 110-220Vac 50/60Hz , (Output) 24V DC/3A

Weight : 1450g

Color : Gray/Silver , Mesh Cover

Dimension : 294*169*29mm

Package contents : 3.5mm Aux Audio Cable , Amplifier , Power Adapter , Power Cable , Universal Bracket

Reasons for recommendation

One of the key features of this parametric speaker is its ability to diminish sound bleed, ensuring that your audio experience is personal and without disturbance.Adding to the immersive experience is the dual channels stereo effect, which provides a rich and full-bodied sound. The speaker is designed with flexibility in mind, offering a wall-mounted bracket or rotating base to suit your spatial needs. This feature supports multi-angle adjustment, allowing you to direct the sound in the direction that best suits your listening preferences.

2. Focusonics® Model A


Brand : Focusonics®

Model : Model A

Power Supply : 230 VAC 50Hz , 120VAC 60Hz 40W

Weight : 2.6 kg

Color : Black/White

Dimensions : 442 x 442 x 25 mm

Package contents : The Speaker , Power supply unit with power cable to connect it to the mains outlet , 3.5mm jack cable to connect line-in source , 4 screws for speaker mounting

Reasons for recommendation

The Focusonics® Model A is an exceptional parametric speaker.This parametric speaker is particularly suited for larger distances, typically between 3-15 metres, making it ideal for innovative marketing solutions, targeted public address systems, or large venues such as tradeshows and exhibitions. It's more powerful than its counterpart, Model B, resulting in a larger volume of reproduced sound.One of the unique features of this parametric speaker is its ability to direct the sound beam to a surface, such as an LCD display. This makes the sound seem to emanate from the display itself, creating an illusion of the presence of birds in office spaces by playing bird songs and allowing the sound beam to reflect from various surfaces. This feature can be used to create virtual sound effects, adding another dimension to the audio experience.

3. HyperSound HSS 3000 Parametric Sound Speaker


Brand : Videotel

Model : HSS 3000

Power Supply : (Input) 100V-240V 50/60 Hz / (Output) 30V DC @1.5A

Weight : 7 1/2" Pounds

Color : Black/White

Dimensions : 12 1/2” x 6 3/8” x 2 1/8”

Package contents : 1 (mono system) or 2 HyperSound Speakers (White or Black) , Set of 7' Red & Black Speaker Cables With Banana Connectors , 30 Volt DC External Regulated Power Supply , 6 Foot 3.5mm Jack To Male RCA Audio Cable , 6 Foot Male RCA To Male RCA Audio Cable.

Reasons for recommendation

HyperSound® HSS 3000 is a sleek, lightweight device that eliminates traditional sound noise. It creates highly directional, sound-tight audio zones without sound bleed, and produces a 3D audio effect. With multiple mounting options, it's easy to install and can design immersive, engaging experiences that increase dwell time. This parametric speaker is a top recommendation for those seeking superior sound quality and an enhanced audio experience.

4. Audfly X2 




Brand : Audfly

Model : FSC3-X2

Power Supply : (Input) 110-240Vac 50/60Hz , (Output) 24V DC/2A

Weight : 395g

Color : Black , Gray

Dimensions : 272x75.5x69mm

Package contents : 3.5mm AUX Audio Cable , Power Adapter , Wall Mount Bracket

Reasons for recommendation

The Audfly X2 Parametric Speaker is the epitome of acoustic perfection, featuring high directionality and dual-channel audio for a rich stereo experience. Its patented technology creates focused audio zones without disturbing the surrounding environment. This speaker caters to both personal and commercial needs, enhancing audio experiences for individuals with hearing challenges and excelling in quiet interior spaces where sound zoning is needed. With flexible installation options, the Audfly X2 Parametric Speaker is a top recommendation for those seeking superior sound quality.

5. Acouspade Parametric Speaker


Brand : Ultrasonic

Model : Acouspade™ Directional Speakers

Power Supply : (Input)120 or 230Vac 50/60Hz , (Output) 24V / 1A

Weight : 1100g

Color : Black , White , Grey

Dimension : 370 x 176 x 22 mm

Connectors : Audio input: 2x RCA , Bluetooth

Reasons for recommendation

The Acouspade™ is a hyper-directional speaker, emitting a highly directional beam of sound. It is able to place a particular sound at a desired spatial location, while preserving silence where the sound is not needed. The Acouspade directional sound system also allows the co-existence of different sounds in a relatively small spatial area without mixing or interfering. The laser-like directionality of sound is achieved by exploiting the parametric array effect. The Acouspade directional speaker creates an audio spotlight phenomenon, which can turn selected objects into virtual sound sources, reflecting the primary beam of sound.

Parametric Speaker Types

Parametric speakers are divided into two main categories: Indoor Directional Speakers and Outdoor Directional Speakers. Each category serves a unique purpose and is suited for different environments.

Indoor Directional Speakers

Indoor directional speakers, such as the Audfly Ultrasonic Parametric Speaker and the Audfly Ultrasonic Parametric Speaker Model L, are designed to deliver sound in a controlled manner within enclosed spaces. The benefits of using indoor directional speakers include:

  • Precision: They can target sound to a specific area without affecting the surrounding environment. This is ideal for museums, libraries, or retail spaces where you want to deliver information directly to individuals without creating noise pollution.

  • Privacy: In office settings or exhibitions, these speakers ensure that messages are heard only by the intended audience, maintaining confidentiality and reducing distractions for others.

  • Sound Quality: Indoor speakers often provide clearer sound due to the controlled indoor environment, which reduces the variables that can affect sound propagation.

Outdoor Directional Speakers

Outdoor directional speakers, like the Focusonics® Model A and the Acouspade Parametric Speaker, are built to withstand external elements and deliver sound across larger, open spaces. Their advantages include:

  • Range: These speakers can cover greater distances, making them suitable for outdoor events, theme parks, or public announcements where the sound needs to reach a wide audience.

  • Durability: Designed to be robust, they can operate in various weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance regardless of the environment.

  • Control: Even in open spaces, outdoor directional speakers can focus sound in a specific direction, minimizing noise pollution and avoiding disturbance to the nearby areas.

The HyperSound HSS 3000 Parametric Sound Speaker is a versatile model that can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor use, providing the benefits of both categories depending on the setting.

In summary, the choice between indoor and outdoor parametric speakers depends on the specific needs of the environment in which they will be used. Indoor models offer precision and privacy, while outdoor models provide range and durability, ensuring that the sound is delivered effectively and efficiently in any context. The use of parametric speakers enhances the auditory experience by delivering clear, targeted audio to the intended audience, making them a valuable tool in various applications.



In conclusion, when evaluating parametric speakers, it's crucial to consider their connectivity options. Many of these speakers now offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing seamless wireless pairing with your smartphone or other devices. Additionally, some models provide wired connections via USB or AUX inputs, which can be handy when connecting to a computer or other devices.

By weighing these factors, you can confidently select the best directional speaker that aligns with your preferences and requirements. And remember, if you're ever in need of high-quality parametric speakers, don't hesitate to explore our brand, Audfly. Feel free to reach out to us for any further assistance!

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