How Are Museum Directional Speakers Different?

How are museum directional speakers, which are  of museum sound systems, different from speakers used in the past? Before answering this question, let me briefly introduce what is a museum directional speaker, so that everyone can have a conceptual understanding of directional speakers.


1. What is museum directional loudspeakers?


Museum directional speakers, as the name suggests, are directional speakers used in museums. The core technology of directional speakers for museums is directional sound technology, which makes the propagation of sound directional like a flashlight, breaking through the diffuse sounding mode of traditional speakers. Directional sound technology is an innovative and environmentally friendly technology in the field of acoustics. Audfly is the first to realize the commercialization of directional sound technology-museum directional audio speaker, providing an effective acoustic environment solution for the exhibition industry.  The directional speaker can control the sound waves in a specific area.  The sound waves in this area are very strong, but outside this area, the sound waves will be weak or even non-existent.


2. Differences in museum directional loudspeakers


Most of the speakers used in museums in the past are omnidirectional speakers, that is, the kind of sound reinforcement speakers we generally know. The sound of omnidirectional speakers is diffused around. The smaller it is, if the volume is high enough, the distance of sound transmission will be longer, which will seriously affect the surrounding acoustic environment and bring noise interference to everyone. When used in a museum, the audio explanations in different exhibition areas will interfere with each other, especially when there are a large number of visitors, the sound in the venue will be particularly noisy, and many people can't hear the content of the audio explanations at all. The interference is too much, for visitors, the sense of experience will be greatly reduced!


Museum directional speakers are based on directional sound technology, allowing sound to spread directionally only within a specific range, forming an independent audio space, and basically no sound can be heard beyond this range. Therefore, deploy and install directional speakers in different exhibition areas of the museum, or deploy and install a set of museum directional speakers for one exhibit, forming an independent audio space for areas that require different voice explanations, without interfering with each other, so as to achieve clear explanations and accurate information It does not crosstalk with the background sound in the venue, which greatly improves the acoustic environment in the venue and greatly increases the experience of visitors.


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