Indoor Directional Speakers
Audfly is a company dedicated to the innovative application of directional acoustic technology. We have developed and produced various models of directional sound speaker systems suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in various scenarios. Our directional speakers exhibit strong directivity, functioning akin to light beams, effectively controlling the propagation of sound within the target area without causing noise pollution in the nearby environment. They offer high speech clarity, ensuring that even in noisy environments, the speech content is transmitted clearly to the audience in the target area, providing an exceptional sound experience.
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Indoor Directional Speakers

Advantages of Audfly Directional Sound System


How Directional Speakers Work

Audfly directional speakers generate directional audio in a precise, fixed shape and direction with a precision similar to the beam of a flashlight. Directional audio can be clearly transmitted to the target area. People can only hear the sound clearly when standing within the target area. The most important thing is that it does not increase the ambient noise in the nearby environment.

Directional sound speakers work completely differently than traditional speakers. Traditional speakers are based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, converting electrical signals into sound, and the sound propagates in all directions. In contrast, Audfly ultrasonic parametric speakers use the nonlinear effect of sound waves to produce sound (high-frequency sound), producing audible sound through the interaction of high-frequency ultrasonic waves. The shorter the wavelength of ultrasonic waves, the smaller the divergence of the sound beam and the stronger the directivity of the sound.



Directional Sound Speakers for Various Application Scenarios
Audfly provides directional audio application solutions for various indoor and outdoor scenarios, including museums, galleries, conference rooms, home theaters, libraries, retail stores, outdoor advertising, outdoor events, digital signage, parks, squares, public broadcasting, highways, alarm systems and more. With Audfly directional sound speakers, you can accurately position sound exactly where you need it.
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