Outdoor Directional Sound Systems Model YS-V112CH

Audfly's outdoor directional speaker employs patented directional sound technology for precise sound control, ensuring clear audio to the target area without adding surrounding noise. It offers exceptional clarity, robust output, and low-frequency response. Designed for noisy outdoor environments and broad coverage, it supports remote control. Crafted from waterproof and corrosion-resistant materials, it suits various scenarios, including outdoor advertising, outdoor activities, outdoor advertising large screens, billboards, digital signs, school playgrounds, theme attractions, governments, hotels, squares, parks, public broadcasting and other scenarios.

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Outdoor Directional Sound Systems Model YS-V112CH

Product number SA-3001A YS-V112CH
Maximum Sound Pressure Level 98 dB SPL, @1kHz&5m 98+3dB @ 5m & 1kHz
Front-to-Rear Sound Pressure Difference ≥15dB ≥15dB
Directivity ≤30° (-15dB @ 3kHz) ≤30° (-15dB)
Effective Frequency Range 150Hz-16KHz 115Hz-20KHz
Input Sensitivity 1 Vrms 1 Vrms
Power Voltage AC100~240V AC100~240V
Rated Power 190W 190W
Analog Audio Input One XLR interface XLR interface
Network Interface One RJ45 interface Not supported
Protection Level IPX6 IPX6
Dimensions 795*271*230mm (including decorative cover) 742*246*212.7mm
Operating Temperature -25-65°C -25-65°C
Weight About 18.5KG (excluding bracket) 14Kg

Functions of Outdoor directional speakers

  • High directivity, it concentrates sound within a specific angle directly in front of the device, ensuring no noise pollution in other areas.

  • High voice clarity, supports full-band sound covering specific areas, clear, three-dimensional, natural voice, and better sound quality.

  • Long transmission distance, designed to compete in noisy outdoor environments or areas requiring greater coverage.

  • Adapted to a variety of functions, equipped with a sound sensing platform, supports remote control, and is flexible to use.

Application Scenarios

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Comparison of sound fields before and after using outdoor directional speakers


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