Outdoor Focused Sound Speakers Model SA-2001A

The Audfly outdoor directional speaker SA-2001A utilizes exclusive patented directional sound technology, allowing precise control of the sound beam just like light. It delivers audio with exceptional clarity to the target area, providing the most powerful output and deep low-frequency response among all models. The sound propagation distance can reach up to 200 meters. It is designed for outdoor noisy environments or areas that require broader coverage, featuring high directivity, high sound pressure level, strong sound penetration, high voice clarity, and long sound propagation distance.
The equipment is made of professional waterproof and anti-corrosion materials and is suitable for outdoor advertising, outdoor activities, large outdoor advertising screens, large billboards, highways, tunnels, transportation, public broadcasting, alarm systems, rivers, docks, squares and other outdoor scenes.

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Outdoor Focused Sound Speakers Model SA-2001A
Max SPL 140dB@1m/1KHz
Directivity 30°(-15dB)
Frequency range 500Hz-16KHz
Power rating About 310W
Inputs XLR
Power AC100~240V
Color Silver gray
Weight 22Kg
Height 273mm
Width 290mm
Length 960mm
Temperature -25℃-65℃
Operation humidity 0-95%
Protection class IPX5

Functions of Outdoor directional speakers

  • It has strong directivity, allowing precise delivery of sound to the target area without adding environmental noise to the surroundings.

  • It has the highest sound pressure level among all models, and in complex outdoor environments, the sound propagation distance can reach up to 200 meters.

  • It exhibits strong sound penetration, capable of passing through obstacles, ensuring clear sound transmission to the target area.

  • It maintains high voice clarity, making the playback content still audible clearly even at a distance of one hundred meters.

Application Scenarios

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Comparison of Sound Field Utilized by Conventional Speakers and Audfly Outdoor Directional

Traditional Speakers
Audfly Outdoor Directional Speakers

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