Application of Directional Speaker Technology in Audible Physical Bookstore

Audfly has developed a customized solution for modern physical bookstores based on high standards in layout construction, experience, functionality, and more. This solution helps modern physical bookstores use technology to create a comfortable, culturally-rich, and fun cultural complex that promotes the revival of physical bookstores.


Physical bookstores use directional speaker technology


In terms of experience and functionality, many bookstores create a "listening area" or "audio book house" in one corner of the store to attract consumers to pause and experience by playing audio books. The current implementation methods of the "audio book house" are two types: one is to install low-power and low-volume external speakers, which can only play one audio book at a time and have a relatively single way of attracting consumers; the other is to install multiple headphones, each playing a different audio book. However, due to space limitations and limited headphone numbers, there are often situations where there is more demand than supply. Some consumers express their desire to experience it, but can't get in line, which is very disappointing.


The directional speaker technology solution integrates directional sound technology into the physical bookstore's "audio book house." According to the bookstore's needs, the acoustic area is divided into different audio book areas, and single or multiple directional speakers are integrated to achieve each audio book having an independent playback device and transmission audio area. When multiple devices work simultaneously, multiple audio areas do not interfere with each other, forming an ideal situation where one audio area corresponds to one audio book, with high matching and no interference. Compared with other solutions currently on the market, the directional speaker technology audio book house directional sound solution can achieve multi-person experience in one audio area, which has strong practicality and cost-effectiveness, satisfies the goals of offline bookstore drainage and cultural dissemination, and the sound is environmentally friendly and does not affect the normal operation of the bookstore.


Advantages of the physical bookstore using directional speaker technology


  • Directional speaker technology uses environmentally-friendly sound that does not escape or interfere with the normal operation of the bookstore.

  • Directional speaker technology can achieve one audio area with multiple broadcasts, fully utilizing space layout, and achieving high-efficiency conversion.

  • Using directional speaker technology is very enjoyable and innovative, increasing consumer traffic.

  • Innovative models based on the directional sound system promote cultural exchanges and enhance reader participation and stickiness.

  • Integrated experience optimizes the bookstore service process and meets consumers' diversified needs.

  • Using directional speakers is easy to integrate, does not damage the bookstore structure, and enhances the design aesthetic.


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