Museums' New Experiences in the Epidemic Era

1. Using directional speakers: museums in the pandemic


On the occasion of the 2021 International Museum Day with the theme of "Museums in Future: Recover and Reimagine", the International Council of Museums (ICOM) invited museums around the world to share their new practices and innovative solutions to address the challenges faced in the social, economic and environmental fields. It is undeniable that the pandemic has posed the greatest challenge to the museum sector, which, however, has served as a catalyst for key innovations, especially in the experience and dissemination of cultural content with an emphasis on innovation.


In the past half year since the outbreak of the COVID-19, museums have gradually reopened. According to reports, around 13% of museums worldwide may never reopen, which is equivalent to one in every eight museums. For museums that have been closed for too long, without any income, reopening is even more difficult as they lack the ability to upgrade the infrastructure and meet the requirements of social distancing and other preventive measures.


Taking Europe as an example, some museums have reopened. According to a report from Express & Star website, four museums and one special exhibition in Berlin reopened in the past week, with 10,000 visitors, about 43% of the same period last year. Visitors need to select tickets for specific periods of time to limit the number of visitors.


2. Advantages of directional speakers:


The sound of a directional speaker only spreads to designated areas, forming a virtual sound field in a specific area without disrupting the overall sound environment, enhancing the exhibition experience in the museum and also upgrading the level of technological application in the museum. Precious cultural relics or exhibits do not have arrangements for sound explanation, and the reflection characteristics of directional speakers can be used to project and transmit sound, so that the sound can be transmitted from the exhibits to create an immersive sound environment.It can be seen that it is very important to install directional speakers for museums.



Directional speakers effectively solve the problem of high labor costs, fewer lectures and loud speakers. Combined with infrared sensing functions, focused directional speakers can realize induction and playback of lectures according to different styles of exhibition halls, making them blend into the local style without style rupture. The use of directional speakers can sound zone civilized guidance, providing barrier-free exhibition experience for children, the elderly and the visually impaired, and bringing new exhibition experience to the museum.


In the increasingly developed society, museums are indispensable spiritual food. What museums are facing now is that people's increasing demand for a better life will make higher and higher demands on museums. Through this epidemic, we will be deeply aware of the opportunities and challenges that museums must face, and the upgrading and transformation of museums is imminent.


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