Can the Directional Speaker Solve Household Noise Problems?

What can a directional speaker do? Can it solve noise problems from next door? Before answering this question, let's first introduce what a directional speaker is. It is possible that some people may not be very familiar.


What is a directional speaker?


A directional speaker, as the name suggests, is a speaker that emits sound in a directional manner. The core technology is directional sound transmission, which is very different from traditional speakers, which can also be called omnidirectional speakers. The sound is spread in all directions. The directional speaker can make the sound propagate in a specific direction like a "beam" in a certain area. If it exceeds this range, the sound pressure level will greatly attenuate. Only within a certain angle in front of the device can the sound be heard. Therefore, using a directional speaker will not cause noise interference in the surrounding sound environment. So, can a directional speaker solve noise problems from next door? We should start from the source of the noise.


How to use a directional speaker to solve noise problems at home?


This is a problem that everyone often encounters in daily life. Some houses have poor sound insulation. If the volume of the TV or the speakers is turned up, it will seriously disturb the neighbors. Even if you turn down the volume, there may still be noise during your viewing due to the lack of special acoustic technology, which will affect the rest and leisure time of other family members living under the same roof. To address this issue, the focused sound speaker can be connected to the TV, directing soundwaves in the viewer's direction only.


The TV is one of the main entertainment devices in the home and produces the largest amount of noise interference. As mentioned earlier, the TV may still produce noise interference to other family members during the viewing process due to the lack of special acoustic technology. If the house has poor sound insulation, it will also seriously affect the neighbors. Therefore, the TV can be connected to a directional speaker, and the sound can be directed to propagate only in the direction where the TV is watched, allowing only the person watching TV on the sofa to hear it, while those in other areas, such as people resting in the bedroom, will not be able to hear it and will not be disturbed. In addition, Audfly' s directional speakers can be customized according to actual needs to meet the integration standards of different TV models.


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