Directional Sound Speakers for Various Application Scenarios


Audfly is a company dedicated to the innovative application of acoustic technology. We have developed a range of products, including indoor directional sound systems, outdoor directional speakers, balanced sound field systems, and sound imaging devices. These products are based on various exclusive patented technologies, such as directional sound technology, balanced sound field control, sound source localization, sound imaging, and sound detection.


Our globally leading audio solutions cater to various application scenarios, with a commitment to delivering high-quality sound experiences to users.


  1. Indoor directional sound systems primarily offer clear directional sound transmission for various indoor settings, controlling the sound's propagation within the target area while maintaining a noise-free environment in the surrounding vicinity.


  3. Outdoor directional speakers provide advantages such as strong directivity, high sound pressure levels, longer sound propagation distances, and robust sound penetration. Even in noisy outdoor environments, they ensure that sound is conveyed clearly to the target area.

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