Ceiling Mounted Directional Speakers Model R

Audfly Model R is a circular ceiling-mounted directional sound speaker, specially designed for indoor application scenarios, including museums, digital signs, retail stores, trade shows, and galleries, etc. It provides an executive way to deliver sound to a specific area and yet preserve quiet in areas nearby, creating precisely-controlled and independent audio zones in an open space.

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Ceiling Mounted Directional Speakers Model R
Model FSC3-R2
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (Volume) 81±3dB@2m/1KHz
Directivity Angle <15°(-20dB)
Frequency Range 500Hz-20kHz
Rated Power 18W
Input Sensitivity 0.5 Vrms
Input Interface 3.5mm AUX/RCA/USB
Power Requirements 24V DC/3A
Dimension φ237*54.2mm
Weight 800g
Installed Accessories 22*50mm Spring Buckle
Optional Installed Accessories 75*75mm Universal Bracket
Color White
Matching Power Amplifier Built-in Type
Power Adapter (Input) 110-220Vac 50/60Hz (Output) 24V DC/3A
Audio Line 3.5mm Dual-Channel Audio Cable/ RCA Audio Cable

Functions of Audfly R Ceiling Mounted Directional Speakers

  • Flexible Install Type: Supports multiple installation options, customers can choose ceiling-mounted installation, wall-mounted installation, or other suitable methods according to their needs.

  • Applicable to Multiple Scenarios: Almost all the scenarios you need for audio directive transmission usage, such as museum, gas station or showroom, etc.

  • Super Directional Transmission: Create focused audio zones in certain area without increasing the overall ambient noise level.

Audfly R Ceiling Mounted Directional Speakers Specification

R1 Polar Pattern
Polar Pattern of Directional Speaker
R1 Frequency Response
Polar Pattern of Directional Speaker

Ceiling Installation Type-Fits Tightly To The Ceiling, Exquisite And Beautiful

Accessories of Audfly R Ceiling Mounted Directional Speakers


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