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While Audfly's directional speakers come in multiple series to cater to a wide range of application scenarios, we also offer tailored customization of directional speaker products and solutions according to your requirements.


Some additional application examples


Self-service terminal

The self-service terminal integrates a directional sound module, utilizing directional audio technology to create mutually independent audio zones in open environments. This establishes exclusive sound areas with high privacy, without causing any disturbance to individuals outside the designated zones.



 Digital signage

The Audfly speaker can be used to transmit personalized advertising messages to a person who is close to digital signage. Specific messages can be constructed based on recognized facial features of a person such as sex, age, mood or other in order to attract their attention or add value to the displayed information.



 Advertising machine

The advertising machine integrates a directional sound module, enabling the advertisement audio to be directed within a specific area. This prevents interference with the surrounding sound environment and is not affected by ambient noise. The advertising content can be delivered clearly to the target audience.



● Gaming console

The gaming console integrates a directional sound module, allowing users to enjoy a unique spatial audio experience without the need for headphones while playing games. This provides an immersive gaming experience for users.



● Information kiosk

The Information kiosk integrates a directional sound module, uses directional sound technology to create a private and exclusive sound zone, synchronizes the sound and the picture, and creates a new way of "reading", while people outside the area will not be disturbed.



Audfly Technology offers a wide range of customized products for various application scenarios. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know your usage scenarios and requirements. Our professional team will be at your service. Whether it's product dimensions, colors, shapes, or any other specifications, we are here to provide customization options to meet your needs.



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