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Leading company in directional sound technology

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Audfly Technology is the leading enterprise of acoustic innovative technology in China. It's a global leader in audio solutions and one of the foremost experts in directed audio technology.

Audfly Technology has been manufacturing and installing Audfly directional speakers for major corporations and industries around the world since early 2016.

Audfly directional speakers use revolutionary directional speaker technology to create sound in a narrow beam, it directs sound to your desired listening area in a highly directional manner just like the light of a flashlight. It provides an effective way to deliver sound to a specific area and creates a precise and independent audio zone that delivers an immersive, noisy-free, and 3D-like audio experience.

Besides the Audfly directional audio technology, Adufly has also successfully applied sound source localization, sound imaging, active noise control, etc. to commercial use.

Leading company in directional sound technology
Acoustic Strength Capability

Deep cooperation with China Academy of acoustics Institute

Technological innovation capability

Continuous technological innovation and application development

Directional Speaker R & D capability

Forward-thinking and innovative engineers leading by three Ph.D., Acoustics

Intelligent manufacturing capability

Fast and efficient supply chain integration capability and self-owned manufacturing