Where Are Directional Speakers Used?

Directional audio allows you to create and focus audio zones to a single person or a large group of people, which is ideal when you want to project sound exactly where it is needed without disturbing surrounding areas. Even in outdoor environments, the speakers ensure that the right amount of sound is directed to the designated area.


1. Directional speakers are used in digital signage


The digital out-of-home (DOOH) market is growing rapidly with the introduction of more screens and customer touchpoints. Add directional sound speakers to these units to engage shoppers with directional sound without the noise.


2. Directional speakers are used in retail


Installing directional speakers in supermarkets can help increase sales! Use focused sound to avoid flooding the entire store with unpleasant noise and give customers a better shopping experience.


3. Directional speakers are used in exhibitions, museums and tourist attractions


Shows are noisy places with lots of background noise. Directional loudspeakers ensure that sound is concentrated in the visitor area, allowing visitors to hear the sound clearly.


It makes perfect sense to provide audio solutions for museums. Many times the museum space is open and there is no sound insulation between exhibits. There are often multiple sound sources close together, and the sounds interfere with each other, which may give visitors a bad experience. Directional speakers can help with these issues.


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