Ultrasonic Directional Speakers Effectively Solve the Problem of Crosstalk Interference in the Exhibition Hall

Directional sound technology utilizes the directional characteristics of ultrasonic waves, and through unique acoustic technology and algorithms, audible sound can also propagate along a specified direction. Directional sound technology is widely used in dozens of industries such as exhibition and display industry, advertising media, shopping malls and supermarkets.


1. The introduction of directional speakers


Everyone should know the spotlight, this kind of product can make the light no longer scattered aimlessly, but be gathered into a bunch, the sound is actually more difficult to control than the light, but with the directional sound technology achievements of clear listening acoustics, it can completely make the sound realize directional communication, and this product is a directional speaker. Many people may not have heard of it, but in fact, the product has already been applied, and will gradually become popular in the future, replacing the original diffusion in public places. As soon as speakers and directional speakers were launched, they were widely used in the exhibition industry, because directional speakers effectively solved the problem of crosstalk and mutual interference between products in the exhibition industry.


2. Ultrasonic directional speakers effectively solve the problem of crosstalk interference


Usually, many people should have been to the exhibition venue. There are many exhibits here. If people want to know more about an item, they will stop and watch it, hoping to get a professional explanation, and at the same time, they do not want to be affected by the surrounding noisy environment. Therefore, the installation of directional speakers in the exhibition venue can meet the needs of viewers. One ultrasonic directional speaker can be configured in different areas, and then each product is introduced separately, and the introduction sounds between each exhibit do not cross talk with each other and do not interfere, achieving one-to-one directional explanation.


Ultrasonic directional speakers can control the direction and size of sound propagation. The sound is like a flashlight beam, and the size of the sound can also be adjusted according to your needs. The product has complete functions and models, including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, natural placement, etc. Choose different shapes according to the needs of the exhibition hall. It is easy to install, simple to operate, and easy to maintain in the later period. Audfly is a research and development manufacturer of directional speakers, so the quality and after-sales are more guaranteed.


Ultrasonic directional speakers can effectively solve the problems of sound crosstalk and interference in the exhibition industry. The existence of ultrasonic directional speakers can be seen in exhibition halls, museums and large-scale exhibition projects in many regions.


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