Suzhou Port and Navigation Center Ship Lock uses Audfly outdoor directional sound system

Year: 2023

Products: Outdoor Directional Sound Systems

Model: Model SA-2001A


Rivers serve as crucial pathways for human survival, trade, transportation, and resource acquisition. They also play a vital role in nurturing human culture. For sustainable development, the continuity and effective management of rivers are essential components in this process. Consequently, China has placed significant emphasis on river safety, undertaking a series of engineering projects. Among these initiatives, specific measures have been implemented for the management of locks and port acoustic environments.


Recently, Audfly, a leader in innovative applications in the field of acoustics, has taken a developmental path focusing on "product → technology → solution." Leveraging its independently developed acoustic technology, Audfly has provided the Suzhou Port and Navigation Center with a mature application of "cutting-edge technology" – the River Channel Outdoor Directional Sound System. This system assists watercraft navigating through locks in hearing clear lock broadcasts, reducing noise pollution in the vicinity of locks. By integrating technological innovation, Audfly has contributed to the establishment of an intelligent and environmentally friendly water transportation framework, providing a safer and more comfortable living environment for both river managers and surrounding residents.


What is the "River Channel Outdoor Directional Sound System"?


The River Channel Outdoor Directional Sound System, as an indispensable part of the lock electrical system, plays a crucial role in commanding navigation, safety warnings, information announcements, and other important functions. In the past, the long-distance nature of river channels required long-distance announcements around the river. However, traditional lock broadcast systems primarily used horn loudspeakers, with a propagation distance of only about 50 meters per individual loudspeaker. This led to issues such as short sound penetration distance and sound disturbance to residents. To address these challenges, the traditional loudspeakers have been upgraded to directional sound-emitting speakers. This upgrade enables targeted sound emission in a specified direction, ensuring effective communication over a localized area. It not only guarantees the effective delivery of announcements but also avoids noise pollution in the surrounding environment, enhancing the practicality of broadcasting.



 Core Technology


Directional sound technology is based on the parametric array principle, using ultrasonic waves as the carrier signal. Through the unique nonlinear effects of ultrasonic waves, highly directional audible sound is generated, achieving control over the spatial distribution of audible sound propagation in the air and the position of the sound source. This ultimately allows controlled sound propagation, similar to a flashlight beam.


 "River Channel Warning and Announcement System" Gains Prominence


Focusing on "small incisions" to serve "big livelihoods," the Suzhou Port and Navigation Center, through on-site research and innovative thinking, successfully implemented directional speakers in the Zhangjiagang lock, achieving excellent results in the pilot application of the River Channel Outdoor Directional Sound System.


Waterway "Loud" While Surroundings Remain "Quiet"The River Channel Outdoor Directional Sound System utilizes its unique directional sound technology to concentrate broadcast sound propagation within the river channel area, achieving zone-based control of sound. This minimizes the impact of broadcasts on the surrounding environment to the greatest extent.


Mariners Can "Hear" and "Hear Clearly"By employing a scientific installation solution, the new device synchronously emits sound, successfully addressing issues such as excessive reverberation time and asynchronous sound. This ensures that mariners on the waterway can both hear and clearly understand the announcements.


Installing "Small Devices" Achieves "Wide Coverage"A single directional loudspeaker can cover a distance of more than 500 meters. This ensures communication coverage for vessels passing through the waterway without causing noise pollution to residents on both sides. It effectively saves costs while maintaining communication effectiveness for vessels passing through the locks.

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