Directional Speaker in KFC

Year: 2019

Product: Audfly L1 Acoustic Directional Soundbar speaker

Model: L1


Product: Audfly Customzied Directional Speaker Module --Integrated with other equipment together


Introduction: In late 2019, the new ice cream vending machines were installed in some KFC stores in Shanghai,

attracting a lot of attention and patronage from customers due to their high appearance and many eye-catching elements. This is an ice cream vending machine from the KFC Pedestrian Street store in Shanghai Raffles square. It looks really popular as its eye-catching appearance of blue&white and a constant stream of customers surrounding. Indeed eye-catching as it integrates popular intelligent elements such as robotic arms, touch screens, and audio-visual with new retail.



The original KFC ice cream vending machine only has a small directional speaker on the side, which guides the purchase with the self-service touch screen and synchronizes the screen interface content to interact with customers. According to the actual needs, only a loudspeaker is far from enough. Because after purchase, ice cream needs time to be produced, how to avoid the boring waiting to kill customers' desire to buy again? It is exactly the reason why Yum China and Audfly Technology cooperate.


Living up to expectations, Audfly tailored a directional acoustic solution for the ice cream machine based on the new retail environment and characteristics.



Through the field investigation of KFC stores, to ensure their integrity, aesthetics, and functional characteristics, we finally determined that Audfly's Acoustic Directional Speaker and the ice cream machine should be integrated and fixedly installed on the top of the machine to ensure the mutual linkage also without affecting the sound of the machine's speaker.


Audfly's Speaker And Mechanical Arm Linkage


Based on the understanding of the working process and internal structure of the KFC ice cream vending machine, the Audfly R&D team combined The Acoustic Directional Speaker with the robotic arm to become the best partner: during the ice cream making stage, the robot arm began to swing and dance to the rhythm of BGM synchronously provided by Audfly's Acoustic Directional Speaker.



Super Directional Sound Transmission & Targeted Sound Transmission


Based on the advantages of Audfly's core directional sound technology: narrow audible sound beams, no side-lobes, and super directional sound transmission. We fix Audfly's Speaker on the top of the ice cream machine and adjust the angle and volume to ensure effective sound transmission only in front of it, causing no interference to the internal operations of KFC and the whole acoustic environment of the mall.



Clear Transmission Without Turning Up The Volume


Ordinary speakers can only be heard clearly by increasing the volume in a noisy sound environment, and it will also increase the pressure of the environmental sound field.  Using directional audio technology, Audfly’s Speaker has a good self-reduction advantage based on the parametric array principle. It can transmit sound clearly in the effective transmission range without increasing the volume in a more complex acoustic environment. It is scientific and environmentally friendly.



Stereo Surround Sound, Full of Sense Of Technology


In addition, the Audfly's Speaker sound feature has a three-dimensional surround sense, which is very consistent with the mechanical arm elements. the complementarity of sound and pictures make us feel the charm of technology and brings customers an immersive shopping experience while waiting. Even many passers-by stop to watch and try to buy it, that is so attractive!



It has been 33 years since KFC came to China to "establish itself in China and integrate into life". For 33 years, KFC has been working hard to explore and give back its intimate service to Chinese consumers. Because of such efforts and perseverance, KFC can win the favor of consumers through innovation again and again.


This time, KFC and Audfly Technology have cooperated strongly to launch a high-tech ice cream vending machine, injecting the power of acoustic technology into new retail innovation, letting everyone know that new retail can be so cool!


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