How Do Directional Loudspeakers Transmit Sound in a Directional Manner

Sound propagates like a beam of light in a certain direction and in a specified area, and this is the directional speaker! Its appearance has reduced the problem of noise pollution to some extent. We all know the danger of noise pollution, which can make people irritable, sensitive, distracted, insomnia and other problems. The emergence of directional speakers allows the sound to spread to the people who want to listen. Realize the harmonious picture of children concentrating on their studies at home and the elderly watching TV at home with peace of mind. Let the sound spread in the specified direction, to achieve sound area division.


1. About directional audio technology


Compared with the traditional sound source, directional sound source can control the direction of sound source propagation and control the coverage of sound waves, which is also known as directional audio technology. Directional audio technology is a pioneering audio solution, which provides an effective way to spread sound without the use of large directional speaker arrays, and can also project sound highly directional to a specific area, creating a specific audio space. Directional audio technology in the exhibition and display industry, advertising media, shopping malls, supermarkets and dozens of industries have a wide range of applications.


2. How to achieve the direction of the sound directional speakers?


Directional speakers such as ceiling mounted directional speakers are modulated by the audio signal to the ultrasonic carrier wave, the use of ultrasonic directional propagation characteristics and the non-linear role of air, the formation of audible sound directional propagation. Objects produce sound waves when vibrating, low-frequency sound waves are usually centered on the source of sound to spread around, the human ear can hear the sound waves that belong to low-frequency sound waves, so in the general perception, the sound (audible sound) is spread in all directions.


But in fact, the sound waves in the propagation, the sound pressure in each direction are different. Through the control and processing of the sound source, you can make the sound source along a certain path to transmit sound, forming a directional sound source. Audfly has pioneered the directional audio technology in various industries. Audfly is a breakthrough innovative application for smart cities, transportation, cultural tourism, education, finance, retail and other scenarios.


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