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Audfly B2 Unidirectional Speakers & Focused Sound Speaker

Audfly model B is one of the world's most popular ultrasound directional speakers. This directional sound amplifier provides a fully directional sound solution, enabling you to add sound wherever you want and keep it where you need it.

Audfly ultrasonic directional speaker is most commonly used in indoor scenes, including museums, digital signs, retail stores, trade exhibitions, and galleries. Model B can be used in all installation solutions, including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or integrated into monitors. Audfly provides all hardware required for installation in the packing list, including adjustable brackets.

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Audfly B2 Directional Speaker & Directional Sound Amplifier Specification

Maximum Sound Pressure Level (Volume)88±3dB@2KHz
Directivity Angle<15°(-20dB)
Frequency Range500Hz-13kHz
Rated Powerabout 15W
Input Sensitivity1 Vrms
Max Input2.8Vpp
Input Interface3.5mm AUX
Power Requirements24V DC/3A
Installed Accessories75*75mm Universal Bracket
Surface Treatment/ColorGray/Silver Mesh Cover
Matching Power Amplifier Size153*111*46mm
Power Adapter(Input) 110-220Vac 50/60Hz    (Output) 24V DC/3A
Audio Line3.5mm Dual-Channel Audio Cable
USB Function

USB2.0 (Support Maximum 32G)

USB format support FAT, FAT32.

USB Audio Format

Support MP3, WAV.

USB audio will be played first and automatically after connecting.

Functions of Audfly B2 Directional Speaker

  • Flexible Install Type: Wall mounted or ceiling mounted based on clients' demand.

  • Applicable to Multiple Scenarios: almost all the scenarios you need for audio directive transmission usage.

  • Super Directional Transmission- make the target sound area where you want it, and leaving surrounded environment quiet.

Audfly B2 Directional Speaker Characteristics

Polar Pattern of Directional Speaker
Directional Speaker with Frequency Band Characteristics

Audfly Directional Speaker Model B2 Display Video

Accessories of Audfly B2 Directional Speaker

  • 3.5mm Aux Audio Cable
    3.5mm Aux Audio Cable
  • Amplifier
  • Power Adapter
    Power Adapter
  • Power Cable
    Power Cable
  • Universal Bracket
    Universal Bracket