Guiyang New World School uses Audfly Outdoor Focused Sound Speakers

Year: 2023

Products: Outdoor Focused Sound Speakers

Model: Model SA-3001A


Guiyang New World School, located in the Guanshanhu District of Guiyang, is surrounded by high-rise residential buildings. The school previously used traditional sound amplification equipment. During usage, multiple speakers at various positions on the sports field emitted sound in all directions, disrupting the normal teaching order in the academic buildings and potentially causing noise pollution in the surrounding community. The prolonged exposure to an acoustically challenging environment characterized by severe reverberation, asynchronous sound, and poor speech clarity posed a potential threat to the hearing and overall well-being of the school's students and staff. Coordinating the issue of noise disturbance from campus broadcasts to residential areas became an urgent matter that Guiyang New World School needed to address for a balanced campus acoustic environment.



In accordance with the specific needs of Guiyang New World School, Audfly's Outdoor Focused Sound Speakers capable of controlling the broadcast sound spreading to residential areas during the day within the range of 55-60dB, meeting environmental protection standards. Simultaneously, there is a distinct volume contrast between the playground and the residential area, creating a pronounced "quiet zone" for nearby residents, virtually eliminating the audibility of the playground broadcasts. Within the playground area, there is a well-balanced and clear coverage of broadcast sound, effectively addressing the issue of noise disturbance at its source.


Since the completion of the project, there has been a noticeable improvement in the overall acoustic environment of the campus. The playground broadcasts no longer disturb the surrounding community, and the balanced characteristics of the sound field enhance speech clarity and comprehensibility during outdoor sports activities. This improvement fosters increased classroom interactivity and elevates the classroom conversion rate.


The Audfly project team has also periodically visited nearly a hundred nearby residents and received unanimous praise: "Previously, when the playground broadcasts were on, we could only rely on closing our windows to slightly reduce the noise, but the effect was still not very noticeable. Now, with this new equipment, the transmitted sound is much quieter. We can basically keep our windows open, and our normal daily life is no longer affected."

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