Directional Loudspeakers for Home Learning

1. Directional speakers with high-definition voice, easy to spread audio content


Different from ordinary speakers, directional speakers use parametric array speakers. The main feature of the parametric speaker is that it has super directivity, which ensures that the audience can clearly obtain the voice information directly in front of the directional speaker. They will no longer be afraid of hearing unclear in online classes, online video conferences, chatting and watching dramas!


2. Directional speaker without contact "earphones", more comfortable experience


Why do you still wear headphones at home? Wearing headphones for a long time will not only hurt your ears, but also your hearing will be invisible. Directional speakers allow for a self-contained audio experience like "headphones" without in-ear, contact-free. 2 to 3 hours of meetings, entertainment and relaxation, the directional speakers put no pressure on the ears!


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