Beijing East Road Primary School in Nanjing uses Outdoor Directional Audio System

Year: 2023

Products: Outdoor Directional Audio Systems

Model: Model SA-3001A


The Outdoor Directional Audio SystemAssists Beijing East Road Primary School in Nanjing to Solve Playground Broadcasting Noise Issues


The unique geographical location of Beijing East Road Primary School in Nanjing places it in close proximity to residential areas. Whenever the school broadcasts announcements on the playground, nearby residents experience noise disturbances, significantly impacting their daily lives.


The school has been actively seeking a solution to address this issue, aiming to find a method that not only meets the school's outdoor sports and teaching activities but also reduces noise interference for residents in nearby buildings. After learning about Audfly's Outdoor Directional Audio Systemthrough in-depth research, the school administration initiated contact with Audfly, seeking to address the noise disturbance issue caused by the school to the surrounding residential area at its source.



Achieved Results

To effectively address the noise challenge on the playground of Beijing East Road Primary School in Nanjing, the Audfly project team conducted in-depth research, on-site surveys, and gained an understanding of the school's surrounding environment. They also visited nearby residents and conducted sound field modeling for the school's playground. Through multiple sound field simulations, Audfly provided a transformation plan that achieves balanced and clear sound within the field without spreading to the periphery of the playground, thus realizing harmony between the campus and the community.


Based on the specific conditions of Beijing East Road Primary School in Nanjing, Audfly's Outdoor Directional Audio Systemwas able to control the broadcast sound that spreads to residential areas during the day to below 55dB. Meanwhile, on the playground, students and teachers could hear the broadcast clearly. Even students standing in the last row of the playground could discern the sound clearly. However, once outside the playground area, the volume significantly attenuated, effectively addressing the issue of noise disturbance at its source.


Customer Evaluation

After the transformation of Beijing East Road Primary School in Nanjing, Audfly received praise from the school administration:

Since the deployment of "The Outdoor Directional Audio System" project, the overall acoustic environment of the campus has significantly improved. Within the school premises, the broadcast on the playground no longer interferes with indoor teaching, ensuring the order in classrooms. Subject teachers have provided positive feedback. Outside the school, nearby residents no longer complain about broadcasting causing disturbances.

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