Audfly Speaker Settled In Shanghai People's Square Subway Station, Showing Directional Sound Technology

Year: 2022

Products: Shanghai People's Square Subway Station

Model: FSC2-L1


As we can see, subway station advertisements are mainly displayed in the form of posters, LED screen displays, advertising machines, etc. They have one thing in common: most LED/LCD screens have no sound or the sound is generally very low. The subway station needs to broadcast some important information about the station at any time, but the advertising sound will affect the transmission of key information, then "silent advertising" seems to be the default provision for advertising in the subway. 

However, silent advertising is difficult to remember, and the effect of advertising communication is greatly reduced. For advertisers, how to expand the advertising effect by surprise is really a problem.


After the on-site investigation, the Audfly team determined the most suitable directional sound solution for Shanghai People's Square subway station. According to the on-site environment, the Audfly team recommends that the directional loudspeaker FSC2-L1 be integrated and installed on the upper and both sides of the display screen, and wall-mounted to achieve directional audio delivery without disturbing the surrounding environment.


Now, when you pass the advertising screen of the People's Square Station, you can clearly hear the sound synchronized with the advertising screen.




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