What is The Main Difference Between Directional Speaker and Conventional Speaker?

Conventional speakers are mostly sound-generating devices based on the moving-coil principle, and the directivity of all conventional speakers is fundamentally limited by the size of the source compared to the wavelength it produces. Large-size speakers will be more directional than small speakers, or speakers specified at higher frequencies (smaller wavelengths) will also be more directional. However, acoustic devices based on conventional acoustic theory also have a common feature, that is, the sound emitted is uncontrollable and omnidirectionally propagated to the surrounding space.


The sound wave propagation mode of conventional speakers is "domineering", with 360° expansion in all directions, spreading divergently around, and the volume decreases with the increase of distance, the transmission range is determined by the volume. If the volume is large and the transmission range is wide, it is very easy to cause noise disturbance; if the volume is small and the transmission range is small, it is easy to be disturbed by ambient sound, also the transmission effect is not obvious. So, there are indeed some the shortcomings and limitations of conventional speakers.


Directional loudspeakers are a new concept of speaker equipment. Compared with conventional speakers, directional speakers are fundamentally different. They mainly use the nonlinear effect of ultrasonic signals in the air to generate audible sound difference frequency signals. The obtained difference frequency signal has good directivity and isolation.


The sound emitted by a directional speaker is more like a spotlight composed of sound waves, focused like a flashlight, and spreads in a fan shape in the area directly in front of the sound source, allowing the sound to spread to a designated area. It is directional and angular; the volume of long-distance transmission is almost not attenuated. The specific transmission distance can be adjusted according to the different application requirements.



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