What Are the Uses of Directional Sound Technology?

1. Introduction of directional sound technology


Sound orientation is a sound technique for a specific field of orientation. Sound directional technology can be used in many different types of applications, from home entertainment to consumer product development. Some sound-directing techniques are created using speaker arrays – these types of techniques can be used for the acoustics of performance venues or other public facilities.


The directional sound technology speaker emits two columns of modulated ultrasonic waves with a certain frequency. The two ultrasonic waves have a nonlinear effect in the air to form a frequency difference signal of the two columns of ultrasonic waves. Listen to the sound and achieve directional transmission like a laser, which can only be heard within a specific area.


2. The use of directional sound technology


Generally, sound directional technology is used in museums and exhibitions. Besides, can sound directional technology be used in other fields? In addition to art venues, the use of sound directional technology speakers in many other fields can exert effects that other types of speakers cannot, such as: banks, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, digital media billboards, hotels Directional speakers can be used in places such as, libraries, cars, bus stop signs, homes, etc. For example, in shopping malls, there will be speakers in front of each booth for content promotion. Therefore, some large supermarkets and some centrally managed shopping malls have used speakers with sound directional technology. When introducing products on different shelves in this way, consumers who walk through the shelves can hear the sound clearly. However, after leaving this booth, you will not be affected by such sounds, and you can continue to listen to the introduction of the corresponding product in another booth. This method can effectively avoid the negative effects of noisy sounds.


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