What Are the Uses of Directional Loudspeaker Technology?

1. Directional loudspeaker technology applied to virtual source effect


The narrow sound beams of directional speaker technology can be pointed at transparent screens, smart mirrors, holograms, etc. to create the effect of a virtual source. It appears as if the sound is coming from this transparent screen or mirror rather than the speaker itself, giving consumers a more immersive experience. This directional speaker can also be used to create an outdoorsy feel in indoor environments such as offices or shops. By playing natural sound effects and directing the sound beam at reflective surfaces such as walls or ceilings, multiple sound reflections will create the illusion that sounds are coming from different parts of the room. For example, if the sound of a bird singing is transmitted to different areas of the room, it will feel as if the bird is present in different places in the room. The same effect can also be used in meditation rooms, spas or entertainment venues such as theaters or haunted houses.


2. Directional loudspeaker technology applied to exhibitions and showrooms


Directional speakers can be used for innovative displays and product promotions in exhibitions, showrooms and trade shows. Trade shows, exhibits and showrooms are often busy and frantic events, with every part vying for the attention of potential customers. This can result in a lot of background noise and voices competing with each other, making it difficult for sellers to market and present their products to visitors. Equipping an exhibit with directional speakers, for example, allows you to focus a beam of sound on your visitors, eliminating the need for isolated areas with innovative directional speaker technology. Museums and galleries are an attraction that should be an informative, relaxing experience. Visitors to such venues expect a unique and immersive experience.


3. The application of directional loudspeaker technology in retail


Advertising is all about standing out from the crowd through the background noise. Directional speaker technology helps retail stores deliver sound to shoppers. Directional speakers can be installed above the shelves of specific products to transmit relevant information to customers who are close to the shelf - preventing extraneous sound from spilling over to other areas of the store and disturbing shoppers unnecessarily.


The use of directional audio speaker technology in retail has proven to be a more effective marketing technique than advertising messages through main store loudspeakers.


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