Use Directional Speakers in Museums and Galleries

1. What is a directional speaker?


A directional speaker is a directional audio speaker that plays a straight beam of sound so it can only be heard when you are in a specific place. They are used in many different places where sound needs to be localized to a specific place. For example, public address, retail display, interactive kiosk or art exhibit.


They are an innovative way to grab people's attention and give them useful information without disturbing others in the same space. They are far more hygienic than a set of headphones that people share, and fit neatly into your space setup without changing your design aesthetic. Installation of most directive speakers is fairly straightforward. While the technology inside is complex, the product is simple: a relatively flat shape, the size of a dinner plate, with a sound on one side. This means that any flat surface can hold them (such as walls, structures or ceilings), or you can attach them to the same scaffolding that carries your lighting equipment and other equipment.


2. The use of directional speakers in museums and galleries


Directional speakers for museums, exhibitions and art galleries can provide a huge upgrade to your visitor experience. In a quiet exhibition space, you don't want to spoil the ambience of the environment. Visitors want to focus on viewing the exhibition without distractions, such as the sound of speakers leaking from other exhibitions. Directional speakers preserve the calm tranquility of the space while enhancing your display. Instead of leaking the sound everywhere, they confine it to a concentrated bundle of audio directed directly to where it needs to be heard.


Therefore, you can provide a voice-over explaining the content of the exhibit that can only be heard by the person standing in front of the exhibit. Or you can play ambient sounds to enhance the sensory dimension of the display, making it more memorable and enjoyable for everyone. You can also creatively use directional loudspeakers as part of the exhibit itself, with visitors walking through the beam to hear birdsong and ambient sounds. Focused directional speakers can also improve your accessibility by guiding people to where they should go next, especially useful for those with visual impairments.


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