Use Directional Speakers at Events and Exhibitions

1. How do directional speakers work?


Essentially, they use an directional speaker array of tiny speakers instead of a single large speaker like you'd find in traditional hi-fi speakers. These directive speakers emit ultrasonic waves, a sound that travels at high frequencies with wavelengths too high for the human ear to hear. This is because ultrasound is more likely to be confined to a straight beam than audible sound. But when the signal travels through the air and is interrupted by an object, such as a listening person, it gets distorted into lower-frequency, more easily audible sound waves.


2. The use of directional speakers at events and exhibitions


Directional sound speakers are becoming more and more popular at events, especially trade shows, where you might host a kiosk to advertise, talk to customers and give away merchandise. In a busy trade show area, there can be a lot of distractions and foot traffic around your exhibits. A well-placed, high-quality directional audio speaker can be a powerful way to get people's attention and make sure they hear your message. You can also use directional audio to create a more creative, immersive experience.


First, if you're streaming video content at your booth, you probably already have a shared set of headphones for visitors to use. Directional speaker eliminates the need for these, meaning you won't have 50+ people touching your equipment every day with maintenance and hygiene issues. But it's also a great opportunity to stand out from the rest of the exhibitors. Sure, you can just play videos and hand out flyers, but you can also create an oasis of calm amid a busy exhibit where visitors can sit and relax in a well-decorated environment.


You can even use directional loudspeakers to create a more mysterious or intimate experience, inviting guests into an enclosed area that is quieter than a bustling trading floor. It's a more memorable way to enjoy content from your brand.


And, at video game events or arcades, where visitors sit in different places to play different games, you can deploy centralized audio to replace the need for headsets. Alternatively, you might be running a virtual reality (VR) space, an "escape room" venue. In each case, directional speakers can help you customize what each visitor hears, which is a serious enhancement to the visitor experience.


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