Ultrasonic Directional Speakers Make Sound More Directional

What kind of speakers have you used before? Are there any deficiencies in the control of the sound? The times are developing, technology is advancing, and the improvement of audio has never stopped.


1. How about Audfly's directional speakers?


More and more people's needs for audio are constantly changing. Not only the directionality of the sound emitted by the speaker is required to be controllable, but also the sound emitted by the speaker is required to be controlled within a certain range, so as to solve a problem well. The problem that multiple sounds in the space interfere with each other, in fact, such speakers have long appeared on the market. Audfly's ultra directional speakers make sound more directional. As the first manufacturer in China to develop and produce ultrasonic directional speakers, today we will introduce the directional speakers to you.


2. The characteristics of ultrasonic directional speakers


In short, directional loudspeakers are to let the sound spread in the set direction and control it within a certain range. The directional sound technology makes the sound focus and spread farther, which can play a great role in many places. Enables message recipients to hear more clearly without crosstalk.


In the field of audio, seemingly simple audio has fierce technical competition. There are many speakers that have been eliminated because their own technology does not meet the needs of the development of the times. So what are the characteristics of directional sound speakers? Compared with traditional sound, the sound of ultrasonic directional speakers is more directional, and the sound can be controlled to sound within a specified range. Audfly's directional loudspeaker is China's first high-tech directional sound environmental protection product for commercial use. It is widely used in exhibition halls, museums, schools, libraries, banks, hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, digital media, home, bus stop signs and other industries. , greatly reducing social environmental noise.


The ultrasonic directional speaker is simple to operate and easy to maintain. Based on their own characteristics and advantages, they will enter thousands of households and all walks of life in the future.


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