The Working and Use of Directional Loudspeaker Technology

1. How does directional speaker technology work?


Directional speaker technology produces directional audio in a precise, fixed shape and direction with a precision similar to that of light. Audio is delivered clearly to the target area and critically without adding to ambient noise in nearby environments.


2. The use of directional loudspeaker technology


Sound directional speakers are ideal for situations where sound reproduction needs to be localized to a certain area while remaining quiet elsewhere. This directional loudspeaker technology is particularly suitable for applications around tourist attractions and public places where sound needs to be directed or controlled. Prime examples include promotions in retail showrooms or exhibitions, displays in art galleries or museums, and even targeted public address and warning systems. Museums and galleries are an attraction that should be an informative, relaxing experience. Visitors to such venues expect a unique and immersive experience.


3. Directional loudspeaker technology applied to museums


Directional speakers can be installed next to or above artwork as directional ceiling speakers, providing relevant information that only nearby visitors can hear—others are left undisturbed. Famous scenes can be recreated in historical museums by installing directional loudspeakers in different parts of the display. For example, a commander's gunshot or a call to rally can be heard at various points in the room to help visitors fully engage with the display.


Create a compelling experience for visitors to attractions by enhancing displays within the museum with directional speaker technology partnered with human recognition technology. Combining innovative directional speakers with AI human recognition benefits museum exhibits for a number of reasons: Immersing visitors in selected audio information. Provides a personalized feel to those walking around the display without adding additional ambient background noise. 


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